Why Costco sucks bigtime

Why should you NOT buy in Costco?

Obviously there will always be detractors of the chain, and they make some points about how the company sucks money out of you, and gets you to pay $35-$45 every year just for the privilege of standing in long lines, and buying items that you get better deals of by paying attention to ads.

But I have a different point of view. I think Costco sucks because they are a big chain with no heart who treats their customers like money machines and nothing more. The sign of a good company is flexibility towards their customers, and understanding of our condition - the human condition. I think Costco has gotten so big they have lost these traits - if they ever had them.

I'll give you an example. My sister has a Costco membership card and faithfully has paid the Cosco membership fee in order to buy bulk water. My sister is a nice kind person who tries to help out when possible. When me and my wife needed to buy vitamins in order to help relatives in the Philippines, she lent it to us but declined to go because she had a slight cough and fever at the time.

Guess what happened? Costco allowed us inside with the card, and we spent about 2 hours shopping for about $200 in goods, but when we came to the counter they adamantly refused to allow us to proceed! It mattered not to them that I had the same surname as my sister, or that she was sick and could not come at the time. What's more,they made a mark on her record so that every single time she bought from Costco they would humiliate her by stopping her at the counter and having her talk to the manager!

Now, I can understand such harshness if my sister had made a buck by selling the "privilege" of buying at Costco to strangers, but being so inflexible and money hungry to their loyal members and paying customers is the surest sign of an uncaring, gargantuan behemoth of a company, and shows that Costco just doesn't get it.

By moving your business to other Costco competitors (like Sam's Club and BJ's), you show this uncaring company that people DO care how the company treats them and cares for them.