The Lurker's Guide to Pervasive Java

These sites will serve as introductions to the development of Java ME applications for Pervasive Java developers, and will include up-to-date news and analysis on these technologies and their commercial applications.


Trends in Consumer IT and BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java)
Days Inn, 3159 Route 46 East, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Saturday, May 19, 2007, 1-6pm

Getting audience members from NJCCPS (New Jersey Chinese Computer Professionals Society), a 1400-member organization of Chinese professionals in the east coast, excited about Pervasive Java technologies, including BD-J, OCAP, and Sun SPOT sensors.

Blu-ray BD-Java Application Development using Java ME

Blu-ray refers to a new storage format for high-definition video,audio and data. Blu-ray discs are meant to replace the DVD disc format in the long run, with storage capacities that are currently as high as 50 GB, but may soon reach 200 GB. BD-Java refers to the application programming environment that support Blu-ray systems, and allows Content Providers to deliver highly-interactive, highly-programmable titles to end users. BD-J is based on the Personal Basis Profile (PBP) of the CDC Configuration of Java ME, and earlier on the JavaTV specifications.

Java Sun SPOT Application Development using Java ME (J2ME)

The goal of this site is to serve as an introduction to the development of MIDP (CLDC) applications on Sun SPOTs (Small Progammable Object Technology). Sun SPOTS are wireless sensor networks that run MIDP-based applications (Midlets) on a "Squawk VM" (a small Java ME virtual machine), which provides the ability to run these wireless transducer applications "on the metal". These Midlets have access to the sensor capabilities of the Sun SPOTS and can migrate (along with state information) from one Sun SPOT to another!

The Lurker's Guide to Java ME CDC

The goal of this site is to aggregate useful information about Java ME CDC (and especially the Personal Profile) in order to help people develop for the Mobile Desktop arena. It will endeavor to provide a "central meeting point" for Java ME CDC developers, where they can find all the necessary information they need to get up to speed quickly and program effectively.

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