Rewards that are meaningful, right now.

Blueboard is an employee recognition and incentives platform powered by hand-curated experiences (both in-home, and out in the world). We make it easy for companies to give meaningful employee rewards, incentives and gifts—from one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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Ignite your recognition program with experiential rewards and incentives.

Experiential employee rewards—from spa days, to concerts and surf lessons, to bucket list travel adventures—are the best way to recognize and incentivize your top people.

Unlike cash or gift cards, experiential rewards actually feel rewarding. They celebrate employees as real people, creating strong relationships built on mutual gratitude and respect. And they generate conversations and shareable stories that build buzz and excitement around your recognition efforts.

We're excited to introduce In-home experiences, the opportunity to reward employees in the most meaningful way, right now.

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We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their best employees.
“Using Blueboard is easily the most rewarding part of my day. I thoroughly enjoy when my coworkers share photos of the trips they've taken thanks to Blueboard. Not only do they seem refreshed from a wonderful vacation, they seem thankful and are excited to encourage other employees to utilize our referral program.”
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Finally, a platform for thoughtful recognition at scale.

Our employee recognition platform enables companies of any size—from 100 to 100,000—to celebrate great work in the moment with meaningful experiential employee rewards. In seconds you can give employees across the globe experiences they’ll love, and let our celebrated Concierge team handle all of the planning and logistics. With full visibility of the reward lifecycle—from appreciation, to activity, to afterglow—our employee recognition software lets you measure engagement impact and gives you confidence in your investment.

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Turn employees into advocates and build your employer brand with Blueboard.

Learn to Sail

"The experience from start to finish was great. You guys were awesome! Thank you so much! The experience also reinforced my long belief that I would love sailing! And I did."

Icelandic Adventure

"Our guide took us deep under the ice to experience the wonders of the gletsjer. It was an amazing experience that made us feel very small and humble."

Northern Lights

"We took two Aurora Hunting Tours. To say they were fantastic would be an understatement. This is a trip we had been planning to take for 30 years."

Ultimate Nordic Adventure

"We hiked and hiked and then hiked some more! The landscape was amazing and the people were so friendly. I wish we were still there."

Glorious Getaway

"She said yes! The room at the Harvest Inn is fantastic. She absolutely loved it. You helped a lot with the proposal! Thanks again. I hope I get another Legend Award soon."

Craft a program that gets your organization excited about recognition.

We proudly reward thousands of employees at companies in every major industry & category. Whether you have a stale recognition program or none at all, we can help you craft a program that builds real excitement around recognition. We’ll help you build a compelling business case, recommend program KPIs and budget scenarios, and arm you with communication tools for a successful launch and rollout.

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