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Blueboard is an employee recognition and incentives platform powered by hand-curated experiences (both in-home, and out in the world). We make it easy for companies to give meaningful employee rewards, incentives and gifts—from one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Unlike cash or gift cards, experiential rewards are the best tool for motivating and engaging your employees, especially while we're working remotely.

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Experiential rewards
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build connection.

Experiential employee rewards—from in-home rewards like learning the art of photography or building a DIY backyard greenhouse, to Michelin star dining or bucket list travel adventures that build anticipation for tomorrow—are the best way to recognize and incentivize your top people.

Unlike cash or gift cards, experiential rewards actually feel rewarding. They celebrate employees as real people, creating strong relationships built on mutual gratitude and respect. And they generate conversations and shareable stories that build buzz and excitement around your recognition efforts. While we're working remotely or in distanced workspaces, Blueboard recognition stories are a powerful tool for building strong employee engagement and connections.

To ensure our rewards menu meets the comfort levels of every employee, we're continuing to curate and expand our In-home experiences menu, the opportunity to reward employees in the most meaningful way, right now.

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We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their top talent.
"All the other platforms we looked at were outdated and old school - focused on "points" and monetary rewards to cash in for a blender. We wanted the ability to provide our employees with a memorable experience that they'll never forget, and that they get to share with loved ones. Very easy decision, the competition in this space doesn't compare."
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Finally, a platform for authentic recognition at scale.

Our employee recognition platform enables companies of any size—from 100 to 100,000—to celebrate great work in the moment with meaningful experiential employee rewards. In seconds you can give employees across the globe experiences they’ll love, and let our celebrated Concierge team handle all of the planning and logistics.

With full visibility of the reward lifecycle—from appreciation, to activity, to afterglow—our employee recognition software lets you measure engagement impact and gives you confidence in your investment.

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Turn employees into advocates and build your employer brand with Blueboard.

Fly over the Peninsula

"Conquered the air!"


"I got to relive life on the road for a week with no plans and no worries. We hiked every day and saw Neowise with our bare eyes on the last night."

Glorious Getaway

"She said yes! The room at the Harvest Inn is fantastic. She absolutely loved it. You helped a lot with the proposal! Thanks again. I hope I get another Legend Award soon."

Build Your Own Experience

"We had a wonderful time. My wife and I really enjoyed both cities. Our favorite part of traveling is sampling the food of different cultures, and there was a lot of great food."

Glorious Getaway

"I wanted to let you know what an amazing time I had in South Africa and to say thank you so much for curating the best holiday I have ever had in my 54 years on this earth!"

Craft a program that gets your organization excited about recognition.

We proudly reward thousands of employees at companies in every major industry & category. Whether you have a stale recognition program or none at all, we can help you craft a program that builds real excitement around meaningful recognition. We’ll help you build a compelling business case, recommend program KPIs and budget scenarios, and arm you with communication tools for a successful launch and rollout.

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