Admin Tools User Guide

Admin Tools User Guide

We’re excited to get you started using Blueboard Admin Tools! Admin Tools will be your one-stop-shop portal for everything related to your Blueboard programs. Here’s a birds-eye view of what lives in your admin portal:

  • Rewards data for all programs
  • Reporting
  • Feedback scores
  • Budgets
  • Anniversary Engine
  • Integrations
  • And more!

This guide below will help get you started with the most frequently used features of Admin Tools.

Navigating Admin Tools

You can login directly to, or click your name/menu in the top right corner of the Blueboard page you’re already logged in to and select Admin Tools from the dropdown menu.

Home Page

The Home Page gives you a quick overview of your sent, activated, redeemed and completed rewards, and programs leaderboard.

Pro Tip: Activation rate should be the first metric you look at when you login to your Admin Tools. What a high activation rate (above 70%) tells us:

  • You had a great announcement strategy
  • Your people are are excited about their rewards and are logging in
  • They are aware that your company is using Blueboard to reward them
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Activity Feed

The Activity Feed shows all reward activity in chronological order. It allows you to get a one-click view into details of each reward activity and lets you download photos and videos your recipients have uploaded after their experience.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the opportunity of using photos to socialize the impact of experiential recognition! Filter by “Media Submitted” to see who has uploaded photos and videos of their experience and download these to socialize your recipient stories.

These rich media assets are great visuals to share on social media, internal newsletters, career pages, all-hands and more to boost awareness of your employer brand, values, and showcase your culture of appreciation. Consider using #blueboarding and/or internal hashtags when sharing on social media to amplify your program and employer brand.

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Data & Reporting

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Data Export

Data Export is your rewards reporting hub. Reduce time spent on administrative tasks with automated reporting and pull crucial rewards info anytime, whenever you need it. Here you can also view all reports created by other admins. 

You can filter reward data by date range, programs, and reward statuses. Once you’ve applied your desired filters and chosen fields, reports will be ready to download in CSV format. 

Pro Tip: Use our pre-built automated report templates (or build your own!) to send reports automatically to yourself or non-admin users, like your Payroll or Finance teams.

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Pro Tip: Click the down arrow next to Create CSV to choose which fields you want in your report. For clients who are CSV provisioned, your additional employee metadata will be available here.

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Our post-experience feedback surveys yield real-time employee insights and automatically pulse checks employee sentiment on your programs. 

We send feedback surveys 3 days after a recipient completes their experience. Here you have access to every response on this 14 question survey. 

Pro Tip: Check this page on a quarterly basis and share the data with your entire team so that everyone can see the average rating of Blueboard experiences to quantify the impact experiential recognition is having on your people. Click into the individual feedback survey responses to pull recipient quotes for your internal and external socialization efforts.

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Reward Activity & Reminders

Here you can see who has and hasn’t redeemed their rewards, and where you can set up automated reminders. For every reward that has been sent, you can see the status which tells you where each recipient is at in their booking journey.

Pro Tip: Here are the reward status definitions:

  • Sent = reward has been sent, but recipient hasn’t activated their reward yet
  • Activated = recipient activated their reward and created their Blueboard account
  • Redeemed = recipient has selected their desired experience from the menu
  • Scheduling = recipient has been paired with their Concierge
  • Scheduled = Concierge has worked with recipient to book their experience
  • Completed = recipient has gone #Blueboarding and completed their experience!
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Pro Tip: Click “manage reminders” to set up automatic redemption and feedback survey reminders. Automated reminders can be sent every 7, 14, 30, or 60 days. Since Blueboard sends redemption reminders for the first 60 days after a reward is sent, we recommend you queue up automated reminders after this!

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Manager Activity & Reminders

Use this page if you have a Spot program or multiple managers sending rewards. Here you get insights into which managers have sent rewards, who hasn’t sent rewards, and how much budget they’ve utilized. 

Pro Tip: Easily encourage manager participation in your program via automated reminders that nudge your managers to send Blueboard rewards to deserving employees.

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Experience Insights

This page gives you insights into experiences that have been completed by your employees. Toggle to change views: on the map, by locations, by experience categories, or by reward levels. The Experience Leaderboard lets you sort experience offerings by the most popular or highest rated!

Pro Tip: Check the Map View to see all the places your employees have gone #Blueboarding.

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Pro Tip: Use the categories tab to see what offerings are most popular to tailor how you talk about your programs internally. Here we see that “Relax” is the most popular category, so you can feature those types of offerings in your internal comms!

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Manage Budgets

Use the Manage Budgets page when you need to move funds between programs, or when you want to view current budget allocations. 

When you pay Blueboard an invoice, our team uploads these funds to your “Company Wide Budget” then you’ll need to come here and transfer those funds to the appropriate program(s). 

Pro Tip: This page functions like an online bank account, so you can easily transfer funds between your programs when needed. Click the budget you want to transfer funds to/from, then add an amount and a note. Click “Transfer Budget” to complete the transfer in real-time.

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Accounts: Employee Accounts

Use the Employee Accounts page to view all Blueboard accounts within your organization. Here you can confirm email addresses, hire date and role permissions. 

Pro Tip: Filter by role to confirm who has admin or manager access in your system.

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Integration Settings

Here you can integrate your Blueboard reward activity with your Slack or MS Teams which is a great way to promote your programs in your existing communication channels. Contact your Account Manager for more information on getting these integrations enabled for your company!


If you have any questions about your Admin Tools, reach out to

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As of March 12, 2024, Blueboard has ceased its operations. To everyone that supported us over the years, thank you. 🙏