It’s time for a fresh take on classic rewards & recognition.

Whatever your recognition goals, Blueboard allows you to recognize and reward employees in the ways that make the most sense for your company. From President's Club to year-of-service awards to spot rewards that promote performance, reward your people with the power of choice: An experience that fits their needs, wants, and lifestyle. This level of personalization shows that you care about who they are and what they value.

3-Day Surf Camp Experience TileStaycation experience


Easily deliver personalized rewards to employees around the world.

We know Sales and HR professionals are balancing a zillion priorities. That’s why we built Blueboard to be super easy to use. Anyone can send employee rewards in 3 easy steps:


Send Blueboard rewards in less than 30 seconds.

Using our platform, you can send an experiential reward to any employee’s inbox in less than 30 seconds.


Employees choose their favorite experience.

That employee gets to browse our experience menu and choose the reward that’s perfect for them.


Get ready to go #Blueboarding.

Our dedicated Concierge team handles all the logistics and planning. Your employee just has to show up.

Have a global team? No problem.
We offer experiential rewards all over the world.


Global countries served






Great recognition leads to great retention.

Graphic reading "5 times"
Employees who receive experiential rewards are 5x more likely to stay with their company.
IRF. (2018). Voice of the Market: The Use of Non-Cash Rewards & Recognition.
Graphic reading "3.8x"
Experiential rewards have 3.8x more impacton the employee experience than any other type of rewards, like cash or gift cards.
Blueboard. (2023, July 13). Original Research: Employee rewards and the employee experience.
Graphic reading "95%"
Of Blueboard recipients feel motivated to perform at a higher level.
Average feedback scores from employees who receive a Blueboard experiential reward.
Graphic reading "61%"
Blueboard clients score 61% higher on the Great Places to Work list.
Blueboard. (2023, January 19). New Study: Blueboard Clients Great Places to Work.
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