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20 Client Appreciation Gift Ideas
Vito Amabile
October 8, 2019

The concept of brand loyalty is largely going the way of Blockbuster. We change streaming media subscriptions about as frequently as we change our socks, our “staple” beers have been replaced with fancy hipster flights from obscure breweries, and even McDonalds’ Chief Branding Officer is blaming the “promiscuous” tastes of millennials for killing the fast-food industry. The vast array of options at our fingertips is awesome for consumers and clients alike since it allows us to make the best possible choice in any given industry. But that means it’s more important than ever for your recognition and rewards offering to stand out from the rest.

Gone are the days of fruit baskets, flash drives, and fridge magnets
. It’s time to bring client recognition into the modern era with gifts that build meaningful relationships and foster connections, rather than clutter landfills. There’s a growing need for client retention and appreciation. As a result, the way you express appreciation needs to mirror how great you feel about your clients - not just as clients, but as people! 

Here’s a list of 20 gift ideas that are creative, intentional and based on your relationship with your client to help get your wheels turning: 

Speak to their passions

What better way to say “I appreciate you” than to recognize and support someone's passions? Getting to know your clients on a deeper level not only sets you apart as a company, but also shows your clients that you value them as individuals. Check out some of these fun ideas they’ll be sure to talk about afterward: 

Support life outside the office

Celebrating the lives your clients have built outside of the workplace is crucial to establishing personal relationships - whether that’s encouraging more time with their families or spending more time in nature. Share one of the gift ideas below to create a lasting, meaningful impact:

Challenge their comfort zones

There’s no time like the present to shake things up and challenge your clients’ comfort zones! Encouraging them to tackle something daunting, that they otherwise may not have done, is a surefire way to cement yourself in their memories. Embolden your clients to build nerves of steel with some of these venturesome gifts:

Encourage wellbeing

Personal wellness and self-care is finally receiving the spotlight it deserves in the life of the modern worker. Paying attention to our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing is critical to ensuring we’re living a fulfilling life and can give our best at work. Treat your clients to  well-deserved self-care ideas like these and enable them to start living their best lives:

Promote personal growth 

Fostering the personal development of your clients is the perfect way to express your investment in their growth and future. Assisting in the progress of those who work with you is a great way to make your clients feel recognized. By the way, the confidence gained with personal development is closely tied to professional development and advancement as well. Here are some ideas to promote personal growth:

You understand the positive impact meaningful employee recognition makes on engagement and motivation in the modern workplace. Now it’s time to spearhead a new wave of client recognition in an inventive way. Set yourself apart from the competition with memorable and shareable experiences that will leave a lasting impact on your valued clients.

Are you ready to revolutionize how your brand tackles gift-giving and client recognition this season? Is building meaningful relationships a major focal point of your brand’s mission going forward? Click the “request demo” above to see how you can break the mold with experiential gifts and revamp your client appreciation!

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