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Blueboard's Service Offering: A Five-Star Experience
Arianna Fleischman
July 26, 2017

Blueboard’s employee recognition platform is so much more than experiences as employee rewards; we offer a four-part, five-star, enterprise-level service package for every customer. As you begin conversations with our team and consider working with Blueboard, let’s take some time to dig into what our service offering entails and the total value it brings to your recognition program.

1. Concierge: Bring Personalized Employee Experiences to Life

Our goal is to get employees out and about quickly so that your business feels the positive effects of employee recognition as soon as possible (check out our key engagement results on the blog). We do this by taking the heavy lifting out of experience planning, and it’s all thanks to our Blueboard Concierge team. Our white-glove Concierge service handles all the logistics of booking and organizing employee rewards. We provide one-on-one service for every employee regardless of employee reward level or value and work directly with the employee to set up the most exciting employe experience possible. We’ll arrange payment directly with the vendor and once reservations have been settled, we’ll share out an email confirmation communicating the complete details of their experience. 

Finally, the Concierge team coordinates a delivery of a post-experience engagement survey with all employees after their experience is completed. We not only inquire into how the employee enjoyed working with our Concierge team but also into how their levels of engagement have changed. The questions evaluate whether Blueboard employee rewards helped to make the employee feel more valued, improved motivation rates, increased their satisfaction to stay on with the company and retain, and finally, whether or not they feel that Blueboard employee rewards contribute to a more positive company culture. Our Customer Success team will make these results available to you over time so you can effectively measure the true impact of your employee recognition program.

2. Customer Success: Guidance, Onboarding, and Education

Working with Blueboard is anything but transactional; we’re here to make your program a widely-celebrated success! Enter our Customer Success team, who works with you to implement Blueboard into your HR stack. We’ll be a thought partner that helps you prepare for a visible and exciting launch, share best practices from our top customers, and once you’re ready to launch, we’ll provide branded collateral to help educate and build excitement across managers and employees. Our Customer Success team will guide you through the onboarding process and stay in touch as the program progresses to help you continue to evolve and grow your program based on our post-experience engagement survey data, as well as your own engagement survey findings.

3. Our Platform: Utilization of our Integrated Employee Recognition Platform

For the HR Admin or Employee Manager:

Our service also covers ongoing access to the Blueboard platform, built from the ground up to offer both managers and employees the simplest user experience possible. Administrators and selected managers can send employee rewards with just one click. If desired, we can enable an enterprise-level approvals process, granting you or designated HR admins the ability to approve queued-up employee reward requests from frontline managers or department heads before they are sent to the employee. 

Our platform offers easy-to-use reporting functions, including downloadable reporting logs of employee rewards delivered that make payroll accounting a breeze, and a full account of the experiences chosen by your employees.  Seeing what employees have redeemed through the platform provides a complete feedback loop into how employees are enjoying their rewards (something you’re sorely missing from cash or gift cards), and helps to paint a full picture of your company’s vibe and culture.

For the Rewarded Employee:

Our interactive employee catalog lets employees explore and discover hundreds of hand-curated experiences in their area. Not sure what to pick? Add favorites to our interactive Wish List before clicking to book. Once the employee finds their favorite, they simply answer a few short questions around their availability and preferences before getting introduced to their dedicated Concierge teammate. Our Concierge team will work one-on-one with your employee to handle their full itinerary over email, phone or text.  Questions along the way? Employees can also connect through our Live Chat feature to engage in live, direct communication with our Concierge team anytime during US business hours.

4. Employee Experience Curation: Expanded Offerings Based on Employee Feedback and Trends

Experience Curators are full-time Blueboard team members who are continuously building out new experiences that appeal to all generations and interests. We work behind-the-scenes to curate experiences that are creative, exciting, and memorable. New experiences are constantly updated and added to the experience catalog, ensuring that employees will always have something new to look forward to on the Blueboard platform. We’re also scouring through our post-experience engagement survey data to take feedback and learnings from your rewarded employees into consideration as we evolve our future offerings.

Ready to learn more about our experiential gifts for employees that you can provide? Let’s chat! You can request more info and schedule a quick call with our sales team with a click of the orange Request Demo button up top.

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