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Boost motivation with Blueboard's sales team incentives workflow

The sales incentive status quo just isn't working.

Gift cards and cash-based incentives aren’t propelling sales reps to meet (let alone exceed) their sales goals. Because this approach doesn’t reflect the things that truly motivate people: things like novelty, freedom of choice and flexibility, personalization, and time back to spend with family and loved ones. These characteristics are even more important today, as inflation increases the perceived value of non-cash rewards.

One sales leader recently told us: “I’m looking for ideas to remove complacency from our team so they’re excited to work and produce. We’re looking for new and exciting [incentives] that aren’t boring like an Amazon gift card or a gas card to make that happen.” 

With Blueboard’s unique sales incentives workflow, we’re thrilled to offer leaders a better way to help your team reach sales incentives goals. 

What’s it entail? A dedicated dashboard that gives sales reps the ability to browse and choose a reward from our celebrated, hand-curated experience menu before (and even during) the run of your sales incentive contests.

Read on for more details about the latest improvements and changes to our sales incentives product, and how you can drive more impactful results for your company with a dedicated incentives workflow for your sales team.

Go beyond “one-size-fits-all” sales team motivation

We’re in a new era of sales and legacy incentives are losing steam. There’s a disconnect between what many sales leaders believe motivates their reps–and what actually works. Cash incentives, for example, are the norm but a study by the Incentive Research Foundation reveals cash bonuses “did not highly correlate to motivation or job satisfaction.”  

As sales leaders look for innovative ways to motivate and retain their teams, here are three reasons to give sales reps the power to choose experiential rewards they want to work towards—now and in the future. 

  1. Dreaming and planning for the reward adds an extra level of accountability and desire to perform. Because Blueboard rewards are meant to be shared, participants often involve their loved ones in the selection process. If the whole family knows they could spend a summer vacation at Disneyland, or a partner has their sights set on a sunset hot air balloon ride, program participants are more invested to win.   
  1. Flexibility to change the experience reward participants work towards throughout the duration of the contest increases goal completion. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable—and who doesn’t like options? Experiences are constantly being added to the experience menu; the ability to change your mind about what you’re working to achieve means motivation stays strong. 
  1. With more choice and visibility into what’s possible from day one, you’ll have more participant engagement. Experiences are the only employee rewards that become more impactful the more someone earns them. Once a rep goes on an experience, they're even more motivated to earn the next one. The benefits for the sales team and company compound, too: you’ll enjoy greater return on investment on the partnership with Blueboard as internal buzz builds as reps go on experiences. 

The impact of experiential incentives also extends to reps who don’t win. As they see their peers going on experiences, the reward they’re working toward becomes more real, and in turn, participants feel more motivated to earn (and enjoy!) their own experiences.

Searching for incentives sales reps actually want to earn?

Explore our platformChat with an incentives expert

Set reps up for success with a dedicated incentive program landing page 

The ability to pre-select experiences to work towards holds tremendous opportunity (and value!) for you and your team. Participants can pin and work towards the incentive of their choosing in a centralized rewards hub, building anticipation that boosts motivation.

Excitement and enthusiasm for earning rewards is crucial to the success of any incentive-based program. Once the seed is planted with the promise of a plane ride over Acadia National Park or exploring natural caverns in the desert, employees are more likely to work towards and complete their goals. The ability to browse and select experiential rewards from Blueboard’s curated menus ahead of winning truly makes all the difference.

What the planning page looks like once sales reps choose the experience to work towards.

With this sales incentive program landing page, participants can:

  • Have instant, 24/7 visibility into your company’s Active and Past programs 
  • View the sales incentive contest timeframe (such as start and end date)
  • Read a description of any incentive contests currently running
  • Review program rules and eligibility
  • Stay on top of program details with a step-by-step “how it works” section that manages expectations for your incentive program from start to finish
  • Browse and choose a reward to work towards from Blueboard’s curated experience menu
If reps are curious about current incentive programs, they can head to the dashboard to view program details.

Participants simply click into the incentive program to get all the need-to-know information to set themselves up for success (and start dreaming up what they’ll win!).

Once participants win, it’s time to go #blueboarding!

It can feel daunting to execute on experiential rewards when pressed for time and resources. Blueboard takes care of the logistical aspects of the experiences for your incentives program participants via our Concierge team—so all you and your team have to do is win, go on your experience, and repeat. 

Sales incentive program participants can redeem all Blueboard rewards from one, central place, which is helpful if your company runs multiple incentive programs at once. Once the reward is redeemed, participants can go right into the booking process and get routed to our awesome Concierge team. Or, they can change their mind and select something else before booking their experience.

Once an incentive program participant has earned a Blueboard reward, it’s just one click and they’re on their way to enjoying their bucket-list experience.

Shareable experiences as incentives = sales team success 

As sales reps burn out and turn over faster than their peers and struggle to meet ever-increasing quotas, innovative sales leaders are making necessary changes. And incentive programs are a big part of this culture shift—and to the overall success of your sales team efforts.

With Blueboard, reps can work towards an experience that means something to them. An experience that gives them time back, time to spend doing something they love (or have never done before!) with the people they love. 

Thomas W. enjoys the view while on the Blueboard experience reward, "Horse Trek the Mongolian Countryside."

With our unique incentive workflow, they can browse fully curated experience menus at the start of an incentive program or contest—before they’ve earned a reward—building anticipation and motivating them to hit the ground running as they work toward their goals and quotas. 

Talk with a team member to learn more about how to power your sales incentives goals with Blueboard. 

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