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Crafting an Authentic Recognition Culture: Glaukos Customer Success Story
Madison Krell
May 9, 2019

Meet Glaukos: an innovative glaucoma treatment company driven by a diverse, hard-working team of employees.

Michele Allegretto, Vice President, Human Resources, was faced with a challenge as her company embarked on their IPO - as the company scaled, how could Michele continue to innovate and improve their culture?

We sat down with Michele and her team to capture their story:

What prompted the need for Blueboard?:

Glaukos was rapidly changing. Exciting things were happening with the company going public. Michele’s priority was maintaining their culture, knowing it was critical to preserving their people-first core values.

Michele saw that her team was doing amazing things, but wasn’t being recognized. Her employees had years of incredible service under their belts, but with no recognition program in place, there was no way to honor their tenure and anniversaries.

“The foundation of who we are came from our employees. They built, innovated, manufactured and commercialized our product. Around our IPO we realized we had people who had been with the company for many years, and we hadn’t done anything to differentiate or say to them that their contributions are important.”

She began looking for the perfect recognition platform that was not only meaningful, but different. In her search, there were points-based recognition programs, gift cards, and cash bonuses, but Michele was wary of these not fitting Glaukos’ culture due to their lack of sufficient ties between the achievement and reward.  

“I was talking to vendors who had more traditional service award programs, where you get a plaque, a pen or something you would pick from a catalog, but it really didn’t fit our culture. When I think about the benefits packages we can offer, I want to be competitive, but I also want to be uniquely competitive. We’re an innovative company, and everything we do needs to be innovative.”

Creating a Culture of Recognition:

Blueboard immediately took off - escalating into a buzz-worthy, sharable platform for employer branding. In honor of their love and appreciation for their CEO, Tom Burns, and inspired by the memorable “Flat Stanley Adventures” of the 90s, Glaukos created “Flat Tom”; a paper figure modeled after Tom that employees were encouraged to bring along on their Blueboard adventures.

Traveling the globe and now donning quite the wardrobe mix, Flat Tom has been everywhere from the streets of Australia to the bedside of a Glaukos employee’s newborn baby. As photos come in, the Glaukos team shares these through a dedicated Instagram account, @FlatTomsAdventures.

Regardless of tenure, all Glaukos employees have access to Flat Tom and are encouraged to strike a pose as they embark on adventures both inside and outside of the office. Glaukos even offers a reward to the best Flat Tom photo each year, a Blueboard Ruby reward for the employee’s choice of bucket list travel experience.

The program has created a tremendous amount of visibility, community, and social buzz - reflecting the team’s effort and dedication to the company while inspiring others to continue their tenure with Glaukos.

“Hearing what others are able to do with their Blueboard rewards is really exciting, it’s whatever you set your desires to- I’m hoping for that 15-year award and traveling to Iceland. I’m hanging in there, I want that award! It has motivated a lot of people, imagining a long career here and experiencing what the program can offer.”

Takeaways: Building social recognition through Blueboard

Regardless of your current business size or stage, recognition is a top driver of motivation and engagement in the workplace. Using Blueboard is a simple way to scale your current recognition efforts, making them more personalized and shareable. Social recognition has the potential to expand outside of the workplace, creating a more positive employer brand externally.

Interested to learn more? Let’s chat more about your engagement goals and what Blueboard offers - Request a Demo above to chat with our team!

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