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Father’s Day is an opportunity to say thank you to our dads for everything they’ve done for us, or a chance to make space to reflect on the positive memories created with fathers no longer with us (but still very alive in our hearts). A time to celebrate the memories of them coaching our team, sharing their passion for cooking family recipes, or for always encouraging us to follow our dreams. Father figures can exist in many forms, from grandfathers and stepdads to coaches and teachers, and what makes them special is their continued support through all life’s ups and downs. These moments, big and small, are the experiences that shape us into the people we’ve become today. 

At Blueboard, we believe in the power of authentic appreciation to build meaningful relationships. We also believe in the power of sharing our experiences to inspire others. So this Father’s Day, we’ve gathered some of our favorite employee memories shared with their dads, curated into a collection of experience stories and advice (sweet, endearing, and straight-up LOL) for you below.

Introducing, Dads that Blueboard.

Laura Normile, Client Success Manager

My memory: The day I got my Blueboard job offer in San Diego, my dad bought a flight out to San Francisco to help me relocate. He always wanted to drive down the California coast so we decided to make a trip of it. One of our stops was in Big Sur, which is one of my favorite places in the world. It was awesome to see him experience the area for the first time. Although I don't recommend driving along a seaside cliff in a 16-foot moving truck for hours, it definitely made the trip more interesting! 

Fatherly advice: The best parts of life aren't just the destination. Make sure you're present in the moment and appreciate the journey to get there as well. 

Taylor Smith, Cofounder and CEO 

My memory: I love and truly appreciate live music because of my dad. He's taken me to shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco since high school, and it's played a huge part in developing my love of music. He has a completely eclectic taste - some of the shows he's seen with me: Jurassic 5, Iration, Trombone Shorty, Tash Sultana. The big highlight for me was when he came out to Bonnaroo with my sister and me back in 2017 - we had a complete blast and this picture was the night he stayed up with us to watch Big Gigantic until 3am :)

Fatherly advice: He appreciates music as a true art form. He listens carefully and picks out really specific parts about shows that he likes, whether it's how fast Stanton Moore's hands are (the drummer from Galactic) or how much energy the lead singer from Cowboy Mouth has and how it translates directly into the crowd. I strive to pay attention just as carefully, and because of that, I get completely engrossed in and LOVE live music! Super thankful for that.

Edna Gudino, Concierge 

My memory: The most memorable experience with my dad was definitely a very recent one - I pushed my dad out of his comfort zone when we went zip-lining in Las Vegas! He had no idea this was going to happen, but he was a good sport and did it anyway. He really taught me to continue being spontaneous, fearless and to smile at life. I love you Dad!! 

Fatherly advice: My dad has always been such a hard-working man and I really admire his dedication and how much heart and passion he puts into everything he does. Not only do I think I got my work ethic from him, but I also love the planet just as much as he does. My dad and I are constantly in his garden and I love to hear about all the plants, herbs, fruits, and veggies he grows! I also love to be out with our chickens. These are such special moments for me!!

Lianna Martin, Client Success Manager

My memory: For the last few years since I moved from Texas to California, we've made it a family tradition to meet in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. This year, my dad took me to the Titanic exhibit while we were there! I've been weirdly obsessed with the Titanic since I was 5-years-old, so getting to see all of the artifacts and passenger stories with him was a childhood dream come true. Afterward, we spent the night dancing our way through Old Downtown Vegas. At 77, he's still killing the dance floor and staying up later than me! 

Fatherly advice: To always keep learning and never stop seeking knowledge. And to always listen to music and never stop dancing to the beat of your own drum!

Morgan Chaney, Sr. Director of Marketing

My memory: Many moons ago when I was maybe 6 (as shown in the picture above)... my Dad took me on an awesome field trip that resulted in us buying a baby duckling to raise as a pet. I thoughtfully named her Quackers. She grew up in a cozy cardboard box in my bedroom, until she was old enough to start spending time outside. We treated her to her own luxury kiddie swimming pool, built space in the yard for her to waddle around in and search for bugs and other duckie treats, and loved watching her grow into an adult bird.

One weekend I was away with my grandparents and came home to the very devastating news that our Quackers had flown away to join the other ducks at our neighboring lake. I was upset but happy to know that she'd found a community of other cool ducks to spend her life with.

Fast forward to age 25, spending time with my family over the holidays. Quackers comes up in conversation, and I say something about how I wondered if we ever actually ran into her while visiting the local lake. My Dad laughed, almost spitting out his food, and saying, "Morgan, Riley killed Quackers." Apparently our pet Scottie (Riley) had taken a liking to Quackers, but more as an entree than a pet. It's now become a funny story that my Dad and I joke about, how I carried the hope of a 6-year-old for nearly 20 years before knowing the real truth. 

Fatherly advice: My dad is a killer bargain hunter, influencing my passion for bargain shopping (watch out TJ Maxx) and negotiation. He frequently finds complete diamonds in the rough at garage sales and Big Trash Day pickups across Oklahoma City. My dad is a killer cook, and passed on the best guacamole recipe (like, ever). I’m also inspired by his love for 60s and 70s rock music, frequently jamming out to his amazing playlist on Spotify.

I also credit to him my love for the outdoors - growing up at the lake, fresh air, gardening (he's a natural green thumb, so we’re now trading photos of our growing tomato plants on the regular).

He’s also taught me the value of kindness and openness to others, he's a great listener, calm and collected, and highly empathetic to others (both humans and through his big heart for animals).

Hunter McLean, Marketing + Design Associate

My memory: Through work and life, my dad has been able to travel the world and experience so many different cultures. Growing up hearing about his adventures in these once seemingly far away lands, I always dreamed what it would be like to travel the world like my dad.

Fast forward to college, I spent a semester in Europe, living out the dream my dad had shaped. During that time he had a business trip to Berlin for a couple of days so I managed to get a flight from Spain to meet him. We spent the day touring all of the hot spots in Berlin, had some awesome food, and of course, drank our fair share of German beer. Not only was it a kickass trip to Berlin, but it was awesome to be with my dad for one of his adventures this time.

Fatherly advice: To live life for the present moment. Take advantage of every opportunity to be with the ones you love, and never leave anything for the grave.

If you’re looking for a way to say thank you to your dad, sharing an experience together is a touching way to show your appreciation and the opportunity to create lifelong memories. Spend quality time together doing something you both love, like bringing back a cherished family tradition, enjoying a meal (or takeout) at his favorite restaurant, or road tripping to the Grand Canyon. No matter what you do, what matters is that you’re creating cherished memories together. 

For those of us physically distanced from our family this year, take this Father’s Day as an opportunity to plan something special for you and your dad to look forward to. If your dad has always wanted to see the Egyptian Pyramids, pursue his passion for playing guitar, or parasail over the Pacific Ocean, plan it together! And for those of us in memorial, continuing to live their passions in your own life (checking off something from their bucket list, or continuing to adopt family traditions they created). Our dads have always been there to support us, and we can find ways to live out one of their dreams together.

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