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Fresh Ideas for Motivating & Recognizing Top Performers [Webinar Recap]
Sophia Lee
August 22, 2019

You've done a great job designing and implementing a modern performance program at your organization...but do you have a recognition program to match? If you think performance management and recognition have nothing in common, think again! Data shows that rewards and recognition are consistently the strongest drivers of employee engagement across all industries - particularly for your high-performing employees. Knowing this, how can we ensure that performance management programs and recognition systems are working well together to motivate your top employees? 

To address these questions, we hosted a webinar with Sahra Kaboli-Nejad, a People Scientist at Culture Amp and Bryan Vermes, Global Manager of Employee Experience at Mimecast for a lively discussion on how to motivate and recognize top-performing employees. 

Check out the full recording and recap below and, for more great HR Webinars, stay in touch via our Resources page.

Here are our four best tips for motivating your high-performing employees through recognition:

1. Develop strong recognition and performance systems

It’s important to remember that while recognition is about acknowledging great work, it’s also used to motivate employees to continue working toward their highest potential. To achieve and measure this, you must have strong recognition and performance systems in place. One way to do so is by using the organizational justice framework.

This framework focuses on three components that, when properly applied, will lead to huge improvements in development areas such as employee engagement, performance, and learning and development.

You can use performance management platforms like Culture Amp to measure whether or not you’re moving the needle on these various components with your recognition program. 

2. Consider the three layers of recognition 

There are many flavors of recognition. Consider mixing them up in your program to ensure you have a diverse offering and present an opportunity for all of your employees to participate. When more employees participate, employee engagement rises and enriches the company culture. Let’s examine the three layers of recognition: 

3. Align recognition with company values

These days, many companies are choosing to align their recognition efforts with how well an employee lives and breathes the company values. Why? Because these values are a huge investment by the organization, serve as a business differentiator and have a direct correlation to the health of the business. Employees who amplify these values are exhibiting the traits that are the measure of success within that company. Here are a few tips to ensure your recognition program aligns with your company values:  

4. Invest in socialization 

Finally, if you want to motivate your top performers with recognition, make sure they know about the opportunities that are available to them! You can achieve this by spreading the word about your program through choice investments in socialization. Consider the following tips: 

For those looking for personalized employee recognition ideas, we’d love for you to browse some of our experiential employee rewards here at Blueboard. To learn more about Blueboard and get in touch with our team, simply reach out via the Request Demo button above ^^.

Stay tuned for more valuable webinars and upcoming events here on our Resources page - we can’t wait to see you again online!

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