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Hello World! Love, VentureBeat
Morgan Chaney
April 6, 2015

Last year, Blueboard founder Kevin Yip experienced true San Francisco serendipity.  Helping to fund day-to-day expenses while starting up the company, Kevin was also working as a part-time Lyft driver.  One day he happened to drive Rebecca Grant, a top writer at VentureBeat.  Their drive conversation turned to Kevin’s new company, and she ended up writing up an article introducing us to the world – our first piece of press!


The article highlights the need for new tricks to keep employees happy – which in turn improves your bottom line, since happy workers are more productive workers.  Research from Forbes notes that the most satisfied workers in America credit their contentment to quality employee incentives, ample benefits, and a great work-life balance.


Enter Blueboard – which exists to help employees say “thank you” to their employees in more meaningful ways.  We’ve curated over 150 customized, personal experiences to be given as rewards, geared to get employees out of their comfort zones, pursuing their passions, or experiencing new things.  And we’ve made them as easy to give as traditional gift cards.  We’ve found that these experiences are more memorable, personal, and shareable – and most importantly, serve the factors listed above that keep your employees happy.  We’d love to work with you and welcome you to learn more about our offerings at

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