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How Blueboard Experiences Drive Engagement [2017 RESEARCH]
Akinda Johnson
May 8, 2018

Here at Blueboard, we deliver meaningful recognition to engage and motivate top employees through experiential employee rewards by being an employee recognition vendor. Empowering employees to indulge in their passions, explore new hobbies, and challenge their comfort zones through thrilling adventures. And for you? Experiential employee rewards deliver real impact across your key engagement metrics.

We offer a post-experience engagement survey to every Blueboard recipient upon completion of their employee reward experience, not only summarizing their love and feedback for our Concierge team, but also asking them to rate how going on a Blueboard experience changed their engagement sentiment.

Take a look at our latest results, summarizing all survey data collected in 2017, across thousands of rewarded employees:

Untapped Opportunity - Employee Appreciation:

Employee appreciation is a key driver for a positive workplace environment, yet recognition is often deprioritized against the slew of other engagement tactics on your radar. 70% of employees state that they are recognized only once per year, or worse, never at all - yikes!

Low engagement rates and poor work habits are directly correlated to employees feeling underappreciated. Yet 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognized. If you’re not already recognizing the great work of your employees, you’re leaving opportunities for increased motivation on the table.

Your employees have spoken, so what are you doing to make a change?

For those of us with recognition programs in place, they typically exist in the form of gift cards, cash, or small-scale perks (i.e. free kombucha or fancy coffees). All nice gestures, but they ultimately lack personalization, meaning they lose the opportunity to become memorable, shareable initiatives.

40% of recognition programs are outdated by more than 10 years, making them irrelevant to your current company culture or even misaligned with your values or key business goals. Without personalization, recognition programs lack relevance, flexibility, and value - I mean, who really wants a gift card to Starbucks, when they don’t even drink that much coffee?

The Solution:

Creating an impactful recognition program boils down to three main factors:

  1. Personalization: Employees should have the ability to pick employee rewards that feel personal to them.
  2. Immediacy: Closely linking the employee reward with the recognition achievement or action is crucial to building repeated, positive behaviors.
  3. Shareability: Recognition programs should inspire buzz and shareability through employee rewards that are comfortable for employees to chat about, and easy to capture via social media channels.

Putting it to the Test:

After every Blueboard experience, employees receive a post-experience survey measuring how going on a Blueboard reward affected their engagement sentiment. Let’s dig deeper into our 2017 insights shown in the infographic:

95% of Blueboard-Rewarded Employees Feel More Motivated:

Why it’s important: Engaging with your employees after they’ve significantly contributed to the business, or achieved a personal career milestone is key for driving increased motivation and performance rates.

Blueboard’s impact: Offering an exciting variety of experiences that allow employees to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, or discover something totally new - something that cash or gift cards just can’t do. As recognition stories surface across the company, employees understand which reward-worthy behaviors to model, and are inspired to contribute to the company’s success.

97% of Blueboard-Rewarded Employees Feel More Appreciated:

Why it’s important: Creating an authentic connection between the employee and the company is incredibly crucial to making an employee feel truly valued for their achievement.

Blueboard’s impact: Blueboard makes employees feel recognized by gifting them with a personalized, experiential employee reward of their choosing. Once they pick their favorite, our celebrated Concierge team takes it further, by planning their complete experience according to the employee’s preferences.

95% of Blueboard-Rewarded Employees Believe Blueboard Builds a More Positive Company Culture:

Why it’s important: Fostering a culture of recognition shows all employees that leadership values their individual contributions, and believe in open recognition for all great work. This creates a stronger sense of employee belonging, knowing that their contributions are seen and appreciated.

Blueboard’s Impact: We create buzz-worthy events that people are dying to share, and that you can easily resurface across company channels (town halls, on Slack, or across the office on digital TV boards or framed on the wall). Celebrating recognition publicly continues to showcase leadership’s investment in their people, and fosters positive community vibes.

95% of Blueboard-Rewarded Employees Feel Blueboard is a Great Tool for Retaining Top Talent:

Why it’s important: The war on talent is real, and SHRM tells us that it costs up to 9-months’ salary to replace top employees. Your employees are the face and voice of your company, and will contribute to  the quality of talent hired and the desirability of working at your company (aka your employer brand).

Blueboard’s Impact: Experiential employee rewards that are memorable, personal and shareable, build a  culture of recognition that boosts your employee brand. A stronger employer brand  differentiates your company from the competition, creating a program for employees to brag about, and helping to position you as the next Best Place to Work!!

Taking these insights to your workplace:

Are you ready for recognition efforts to more positively affect your engagement score? We’d love to connect and learn more about your recognition goals. Request a Demo above ^^ to chat with our team.  

Looking forward to it!

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