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How Blueboard integrates with Microsoft Teams

The events of 2020 introduced profound changes to the workplace, from redefining what an “office” looks like to bringing critical diversity issues into our daily conversations. But one of the most significant changes has been how companies treat their employees.

Organizations used to be focused on increasing profitability, maximizing performance, and driving growth—above all else. But the pandemic shifted the perspective of many company leaders, who now recognize that employees are the most important asset for achieving their business goals. 

Now, HR teams are looking for new and exciting ways to invest in their people. Employee recognition programs have quickly risen to the forefront, given their direct link to retention, engagement, and morale. In this post, we’ll explore the role that employee recognition plays in today’s hybrid world and explain how our Microsoft Teams integration can strengthen your existing employee recognition platform.

How our Microsoft Teams integration strengthens your recognition efforts.

As you’re well aware, managing a workforce in a hybrid world is different from managing one under “normal” circumstances. The main difference is our increased reliance on tools and technology to replicate the in-person moments that make us feel like human beings—not just transactional coworkers. Without platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, we couldn’t sustain the level of communication, workplace connection, and collaboration that we need to keep our teams running smoothly. 

This is true of your people programs as well. Your employee recognition programs need to be integrated with the technologies you use every day to see the best results. That's why, after launching our Slack integration, we created an integration with Microsoft Teams. Check out the video below to see how the integration works:

Here’s how the Microsoft Teams integration helps Blueboard clients amplify how they recognize employees: 

Increases awareness of your employee recognition efforts.

One of the toughest parts of a hybrid work setting is the lack of visibility. Now that we don’t see each other in the office every day, very few people see the meaningful work being done by their coworkers. There are also fewer opportunities for organic employee recognition moments, spot recognition, high fives, or saying “great job” to a colleague as you walk out of a presentation together. 

Our Microsoft Teams integration helps companies raise awareness of their top performers’ hard work. With our feature, you can automatically push out notifications any time an employee receives a Blueboard reward. You can even include the specific company value demonstrated or achievement accomplished to build visibility around your recognition efforts.

blueboard employee reward for GSD
A Blueboard employee receives a reward for demonstrating our "GSD" company value.


Our integration also keeps your employee reward and recognition program top of mind for the entire organization—without adding any work to your plate. This creates a ripple effect that increases employee motivation, awareness, adoption, and utilization to ensure you get the most value out of your investment. Being reminded of the employee recognition program builds anticipation and motivates employees to perform their best so they can also receive their own Blueboard reward one day.

Builds a stronger sense of community. 

It can be challenging to build a sense of community solely on virtual platforms. But our Microsoft Teams integration makes it easier by amplifying your employees’ #Blueboarding experiences

Every time a reward is redeemed, you can push out notifications in any channel and show everyone the awesome experiences people are choosing—whether that’s taking flying trapeze lessons or building a background greenhouse garden with the family.  

employee recognition channel in Microsoft teams
Our Head of Product, Justin Liu redeems a reward for "Introduction to Flying Trapeze".

This is a fantastic way to build authentic connections within hybrid teams. It generates a sense of excitement among people who are about to redeem their own rewards. Past recipients can also step up as Blueboard ambassadors, celebrating the experiences of others and helping answer questions since they’ve already gone through the process. 

Another benefit of the Microsoft Teams feature is that it allows employees to connect over their personal passions, interests, and hobbies. For instance, let’s say someone in your London office discovers that someone in your San Francisco office also went on a craft beer tasting tour. So they decide to schedule a one-on-one to share their experiences, as well as their favorite brewery recommendations. These organic, spontaneous connections can lead to a stronger sense of belonging, inclusion, and community across your organization.

Adds meaning to your employee recognition program.

After employees go out and about on their Blueboard rewards, they come back with Instagram-worthy photos, videos, and memories. By repurposing your employees’ favorite photos for your company newsletter, careers page, or social media feeds, you can preserve and extend the positive effect of their reward—what we like to call the “afterglow.” Building lasting impressions in this way creates meaning for your employees that extends beyond any dollar amount, which is why we always advocate for experiential rewards over cash bonuses. 

experiential rewards for employees
Some of our favorite #Blueboarding memories shared by our reward recipients.

If you’re a Blueboard client and have questions about our Microsoft Teams integration, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager or email our broader team at If you’re not yet a client but are curious to learn more about experiential rewards offering, we'd love to connect. Request a demo to connect with our team and check out our online experience menu.

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