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How Recognition Drives Engagement [WEBINAR RECAP]
Morgan Chaney
October 30, 2018

Is employee recognition on your priorities list for 2019? Maybe you’re hoping to launch a new program, or innovate one already in place?


Before you go further, you have to ask yourself, what type of data do I have to measure my efforts? How am I gathering and analyzing the data to make more informed decisions around how to evolve my program, and to know if it’s even working?


Today we hosted a lively roundtable discussion with Craig Forman (Sr. People Scientist at Culture Amp) and Carolynn Haug (Assistant VP of Employee Communications and Knowledge Management at Equity Residential), digging into how employee recognition improves engagement. We discussed how to effectively measure the impact of your recognition programs via surveys and tools, and caught a first-hand perspective from Carolynn who leveraged her own company-wide survey learnings to instigate change, ultimately creating a new recognition program, Spotlight, that has helped improve her most recent engagement scores by +5ppts.


During the webinar we polled our ~200 attendees to find that just 2/3 of us are measuring the impact of our employee recognition programs, meaning 1/3 of us are not. Where do you stand?  


Watch the full 1-hour recording below, and as a follow-up resource, continue reading this free Employee RecognitionROI eBook co-published with Culture Amp and 15Five that goes on to share how you can leverage survey insights to calculate the expected ROI from your employee recognition investments (helping you to gain buy-in from top leadership).

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