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How to Engage Your Remote Workforce [Webinar Recap]
Sophia Lee
June 7, 2019

By 2020, over 50% of our workforce will be remote. This means more demand for flexible work environments and increased willingness by employees to leave their employers who don’t offer this benefit.

One of the biggest challenges employers face when it comes to having a remote workforce is cultivating a sense of belonging and inclusivity. If not addressed thoughtfully, this issue can lead to lower engagement, decreased productivity and higher turnover.

We hosted a webinar to discuss this topic and share strategies around how to engage your remote employees, practices that promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity, and program ideas to recognize remote employees. Our webinar included a panel of remote work experts: Morgan Chaney, Director of Marketing and Culture Committee Lead at Blueboard; Shane Metcalf, Co-founder & Chief Culture Officer at 15Five; Karen Rubin, VP of Growth at Owl Labs; and Dan Manian, Co-founder & CEO at Donut.

Check out the full recording and recap below, and for more great HR Webinars, stay in touch via our Resources page.

Let’s recap the five top strategies our panelists recommended to better cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion with your remote workforce:

#1 Secure leadership buy-in

While remote work is becoming increasingly popular, you may still face skepticism from your leadership team. Here are a few tips to secure their support and buy-in:

#2 Eliminate the “us vs. them” mentality

When you have a mix of remote workers and employees who go into the office every day, it’s easy to develop an “us vs. them” mentality. This can lead to tension between teams, communication problems, and overall stress in the work environment. Below are a few ideas to encourage unity at your organization:

#3 Design a thoughtful employee experience

The employee journey may look a bit different for remote employees. While it’s easy for a new hire in the office to turn to the person sitting next to them with a question, this isn’t the case for a remote new hire. Use these tips to design an employee experience that caters to your remote workforce:

#4 Keep lines of communication open

Communication is important in any office or team setting, but especially so when it comes to a remote workforce. Here are a few tips to keeping lines of communication open:

#5 Celebrate and recognize your remote employees

Finally, a great way to foster belonging and inclusion with your remote workforce is to celebrate them. It’s easy to unintentionally leave remote employees out of team gatherings, which can lead to them feeling very isolated. Here are a few tips to avoid this situation:

Our own Blueboarders sharing their amazing experiences

For those looking for recognition ideas to engage your remote employees, we’d love for you to browse some of our experiential employee rewards here at Blueboard. To learn more about Blueboard and get in touch with our team, simply reach out via the Request Demo button above ^^.

Stay tuned for more webinars and upcoming events here on our Resources page.

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