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How to Measure Your Recognition Sentiment with Culture Amp

Blueboard is partnering with Culture Amp to make it easier for your company to clearly see the impact that rewarding with Blueboard experiences has on your employee engagement scores.

By using Custom Demographic Heatmaps, Culture Amp is able to visualize the impact of your company’s recognition efforts and the ongoing change in your employees' sentiment towards recognition with Blueboard, alongside your macro engagement insights and trends. It’s an incredible side-by-side comparison that arms you with powerful data to share with your executive team.

How Blueboard works with Culture Amp:

One of the best features of Culture Amp is the ability to customize the platform. You are in control of what demographics you view (department, tenure, office location, level, etc.).

Through Custom Demographics, you’ll also have the ability to add customized columns for employees who have received a Blueboard reward, along those who have already completed their Blueboard experience.

Simply upload a new employee file noting those who have received, and/or completed a Blueboard experience as custom columns ahead of your next employee engagement survey.  Following the survey period, you’ll be able to create a view where you can compare the engagement sentiment of Blueboard recipients to those of your macro employee population, against engagement drivers like leadership, company confidence, and most importantly, feedback and recognition.

How data is visualized:

Data from Culture Amp is shown through Demographic Heatmaps, which are easy-to-read reports that let you quickly visualize where your company needs to focus its efforts.

Measure your recognition sentiment compared to macro trends

As you can see above, the demographic groups with the biggest population are presented first, as these are the groups that will have the greatest influence on the overall score. You’re able to quickly see your strengths and weakness by the color of the box score. The colors measure the differences between data, using the first group as a benchmark. The positive differences are highlighted green, while the most negative differences are highlighted red.

How to integrate your Blueboard data:

  1. Before you distribute your next Culture Amp survey (pulse, or annual), you’ll want to add two demographic columns to your master employee file that will get uploaded into the Culture Amp platform (Received Blueboard Reward, and Completed Blueboard Reward).
  2. You can access and export your reward utilization data via Blueboard Admin Tools. Please see this training videofor how to export employee data.
  3. The two new columns will serve to segment employees who have Column 1) received a Blueboard reward, and Column 2) those who have gone on to complete their Blueboard reward experience. We recommend tracking both instances as separate columns to understand how recognition sentiment changes from reward receipt to experience completion (from anticipation to afterglow).
  4. After completion of your next annual or pulse survey, you can within the Culture Amp dashboard choose to compare company-wide segments to these custom columns to better understand how employees who have been rewarded with Blueboard and/or completed their experience respond differently than their peers.

How your company utilizes Culture Amp’s Blueboard data:

As data is collected, your company can compare company-wide segments within the Culture Amp dashboard. This allows you to better understand how employees who have been rewarded with Blueboard, as well as how employees who have finished their Blueboard reward respond differently to their peers. You can then layer further demographics over this data like age, tenure, or department, to better understand the constructive feedback.

Culture Amp allows your company to get personalized data on how Blueboard is affecting your employees. If you need any help along the way, please shoot us a note and contact

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