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Introducing Named Budgets: Putting Recognition in the Manager’s Hands
Jonathan Alarcon
December 3, 2018

When it comes to workplace relationships, there are none more impactful than those between the employee and their manager.

Anecdotally, we know this to be true: think of your most positive (or negative) workplace experiences, and how much they were influenced by the type of relationship you had with your direct manager. The data tells a similar story. Gallup found that managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement survey results - which in turn, affects important factors like retention, productivity, and ROI.

That’s why Blueboard is excited to announce the rollout of its latest feature enhancement: Named Budgets. The purpose of this feature is to put budgets for spot employee recognition programs into the hands of managers. Previously, employee recognition budgets were tied to department leaders, such as the Head of Engineering or VP of Human Resources. Now, we can create Named Budgets that are decoupled from an individual, which allows more flexibility in how you assign your budget.

Why does this matter, and what are the benefits of this new feature for Blueboard customers?

  1. Strengthens the manager-employee relationship. When managers have direct access to the employee recognition budget, they have the ability to give one-off recognition to high-performing employees with minimal friction. Given that employees most value recognition that comes from a direct manager, this is low-hanging fruit for company leaders to boost employee engagement!  

  2. Ties the reward more directly to the action. While HR teams can still oversee the budget and cadence of rewards through approvals, Named Budgets allow employee recognition to be administered by managers. This means the end-to-end process will be more seamless and timely since managers can immediately recognize awesome work - creating a clearer tie between action and reward. No more waiting for monthly or quarterly nominations for employee awards!

    Allowing managers to administer employee rewards also makes employee recognition more equitable since they have more visibility into the day-to-day actions of their employees and can recognize deserving employees who might have otherwise been overlooked by busy HR teams.

  3. Gives our customers more flexibility. Finally, as the Head of Customer Success, I can confidently say that our top priority at Blueboard is to create awesome experiences for our customers. Part of that experience comes from making our products as easy and convenient to use as possible. With our latest feature enhancement, we’re adding yet another layer of flexibility to fit the unique needs and structures of each company we work with.

We’re really excited about this new feature and hope it drives even more impactful results for your team. If you’re a current Blueboard customer and have any feedback, questions, or stories to share about Named Budgets, I’d love to hear from you - feel free to email me directly at

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