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Introducing Our All-New Send App

At Blueboard, we strive to make sending and receiving rewards through our platform as easy and hassle-free as possible. One way we accomplish this is by incorporating design thinking into our product strategy, a concept that encourages organizations to focus on the people they're creating for. 

We recently applied a design-thinking approach to the rollout of our all-new Send App - the platform our clients use to send rewards to their employees. I’m excited to walk you through the changes we’ve made and to share how this new user experience will enhance the way you send rewards moving forward. I’ll start with a quick video and then hit the highlights - and please feel free to share your reactions with us as you watch. 

Highlights of Send App’s new and improved experience 

Using the process of design thinking, we made some major changes to our platform. Here are some new highlights of Send App, along with a few snapshots of what the platform looks like in action: 

Supports multiple programs

Many of our clients use Blueboard for a variety of reward and incentive programs, such as anniversary awards, spot recognition, employee referral incentives, and sales SPIFFs. In our old app experience, some clients found it confusing to switch between multiple programs. 

We designed Send App to eliminate those confusions and serve exclusively as a dedicated platform for sending managers, which you can see in our screenshot below. To get started, you simply need to choose from your available programs and we’ll remind you of the remaining funds.

Send App makes it clear which program you’re sending rewards from and which budget you’re using.

Provides a modern and intuitive user experience

When it comes to the user experience, we wholeheartedly believe that “less is more.” This wasn’t necessarily reflected in our original app, where features for both sending managers and company administrators shared the same interface - making for a clunky user experience.

For Send App, we stripped down our old platform to prioritize the essentials necessary for a clean and complete user experience. Some of my favorite new features include:  

  • A simple step-by-step “send reward” flow that auto-advances. Our new flow reduces scrolling, information overload, and any uncertainty around how long the process will take to decrease the chances of drop-off.
  • Segmenting out manager from admin functionalities. Everything that company administrators need now lives in a separate platform, Admin Tools. Separating admin functionality from the manager’s Send App prevents confusion when those managers previously couldn’t access this section without the proper permissions in place.
  • More visual cues and supporting confirmations. We incorporated signals like bright green checkboxes and red warning signs to make the experience more intuitive.

By using bold visual cues, we make it clear which steps are complete or incomplete.

Makes sending rewards more engaging 

Finally, we noticed that sending rewards in our old app wasn’t the most engaging experience, so we decided to inject more of Blueboard’s fun personality into our platform.

You’ll notice that everything from our fonts to color scheme are a direct reflection of our brand. We’ve also added some moments of surprise and delight to make the experience of sending rewards more enjoyable, like our new confetti animation that pops up after a manager successfully sends their reward. After all, giving should feel good and we wanted our Send App to reinforce more positive associations with your recognition programs.

We’re excited to see what you think about Send App. If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager or email our broader team at Look out for more exciting product news, webinars, and recognition planning guides here on our Resources page.

And if experiential rewards are on your mind and you're not yet a Blueboard client, we'd love to connect and walk you through a personalized product demo. Feel free to request your best time to meet online here.

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