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Meet Blueboard’s Growing Client Success Team
Jonathan Alarcon
February 18, 2019

2019 is off to an amazing start here at Blueboard. The Client Success Team has been onboarding awesome new clients, fostering relationships, and rolling out new features to Blueboard’s platform. With that being said, the Client Success Team is growing in size and scope too.


With all this change, we wanted to introduce you to our Client Success Team. Get to know us and learn more about how we’ll work together to support your business goals moving forward.

Meet Jon Alarcon
Head of Client Success
Jon loves spending quality time with his growing family, getting strong at CrossFit, and 12 oz. curls (specifically 12 oz. of stouts and IPA’s)

Jon’s Role at Blueboard:

Acting as a trusted partner to our clients, Jon’s mission is to understand your business needs and objectives on a deeper level. His priority is making awesome and effective recognition programs come to life in your organization by aligning your business goals with Blueboard’s value proposition. He not only educates you on how to use Blueboard to its full potential within your organization, but also works to align your company’s leadership around the creation of an engaged workforce.

Jon will work to understand your goals and program objectives and ensure that you are achieving value at every stage in your customer journey as we grow together, leaning on best practices from the Blueboard Method™.

Meet Lindsey Hertzler
Client Success Manager
Lindsey loves tacos, hiking, and her two pups

Lindsey’s Role at Blueboard:

Consider Lindsey to be your CS physician; to check-up when you’re healthy to keep you on track and prescribe fixes when you’re feeling unhealthy. She’ll be your champion educating you on new and existing features to help maintain a healthy program while setting you up for success and supporting any future roll-outs.

Meet Jen Nelson
Head of Implementation and Support
Jen loves to travel, indulge in craft beers, and spend time with her very lazy Mastiff

Jen’s Role at Blueboard:

Jen will work directly with clients to build and launch strong, successful recognition programs. She’s responsible for working directly with all new clients to get their programs off the ground, as well as working through the implementation of new program extensions when current clients advance their recognition mix.

Jen will be your go-to when you’re building out your program from kick-off to optimization. She’ll build the program you’ve envisioned and educate your team on best practices for launching strong, sustainable recognition programs while encouraging employee buy-in. Any future feature or application add-ons will also be rolled out through Jen and her team.

Questions for the Client Success team?

Here’s how you can get in touch with us going forward: - Use this email for all program-related questions that may require a strategic discussion or insights from our team. - Use this email as a help desk when you have technical issues or concerns that need to be corrected quickly.

Utilizing these email addresses will help to streamline and expedite our conversations and stay organized as a team. We appreciate your effort to use them in advance.

We’re looking forward to growing your programs together.

Until next time,


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