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Meet Zenefits' Z2: An Exciting Blueboard Partnership Announcement!
Morgan Chaney
October 18, 2016

Over the past year we’ve gotten loads of great feedback from our growing customer base - whether positive or constructive, all has been incredibly valuable in aiding our progress.  Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Zenefits that will check off one feature that’s continually risen to the top of the feedback loop: the ability to seamlessly link employee data to your rewards workflow, making rewarding employees easy when they achieve key career milestones.

If you’re reading this from your office tucked away in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ve probably seen a billboard or five for Z2 (so mysterious, what is this Z2?).  Z2 is the next generation of the Zenefits Platform, built for a new era of automation and ease.  Along with a handful of select partners in HR Tech, Blueboard is extremely proud and excited to be part of the Zenefits HR App Experience launch on October 18th.

Are you already a Zenefits customer? Nicely done!  

Here’s what you can expect from Blueboard’s integration with the new Z2 - in summary, a few key features that will save you valuable time and bring delight to your employees:

1) Automatically create new Blueboard employee accounts, so that employees have the opportunity to be rewarded by their managers with our extensive experiential gifts for employees catalog:

2) Seamlessly reward employees as they achieve key career milestones, specifically celebrating their first day on the job or receiving a much-deserved promotion:

Are you not yet a Zenefits customer, but want to be?

Learn more about Zenefits and request a demo online here.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to be part of this new adventure with Zenefits.  We’ll look forward to any questions or feedback you have within the comments section below!

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