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New study: Companies prioritizing experiential employee recognition with Blueboard scored 61% higher on Great Places to Work

In addition to analysis from Stitch Marketing Research, Blueboard’s 2022 Experience Wrap Up report also reveals that 96% of recipients felt appreciated for their job after receiving a Blueboard experience from their employer.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- January 19, 2023 -- Blueboard, an innovator in the employee recognition and rewards space, announced promising results for its clients from an independent market intelligence analysis conducted by Stitch Marketing Research. The analysis examined clients’ satisfaction and likelihood of being named a Great Place to Work as compared to the national average. The results indicated that Blueboard clients scored 61% higher than typical companies on Great Place to Work’s better places to work scale.

Blueboard also released its 2022 Experience Wrap Up report, further highlighting the impact of experiential rewards on the employee experience. Recipient feedback data revealed that 96% of employees felt appreciated for their job after receiving their Blueboard reward, and 93% agreed Blueboard is a top tool for retaining talent.

"It's been an exhausting year for employers and employees," said Taylor Smith, CEO and co-founder of Blueboard. "Companies are evaluating budgets line-by-line and making tough decisions for their people. Leaders need to be thinking: How can we nurture creativity, joy, and energy when everything’s so uncertain? We've seen time and time again that rewarding with experiences builds a real, human connection between employee and employer. It's time for companies to show they truly care."

Blueboard can be a critical partner and tool to help companies foster employee connection and become or remain a Great Place to Work. On average, Blueboard companies scored higher than typical companies on Great Place to Work’s better places to work scale—35 points higher, in fact. Blueboard companies on a Great Place to Work list have an average score of 92%, and a typical firm scores 57%.

Blueboard clients earned spots on a Great Place to Work list at a higher rate than the full certified list of Great Places to Work companies. Of Blueboard’s active clients, 14% have been certified by Great Place to Work 2022. Of those, 24% earned a spot on at least one of Great Place to Work’s 24 annual lists.

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Blueboard’s 2022 Experience Wrap Up report can be found here. This report explores highlights from the past year—which experiences they prefer, where they like to have those experiences, which recognition programs companies are investing in, and more. Here are a few key findings:

  • Through its clients, Blueboard sent more people on experiences in 2022 than ever before: A whopping 50,000+ deserving employees (along with many friends and loved ones!)
  • After a few stationary years, folks were travelling again in 2022! Blueboard reward recipients visited 96 countries last year, with Italy, Spain, and Mexico being the top travel destinations
  • Relaxation was top of mind for employees in 2022. Fifty three percent (53%) of Blueboard reward recipients chose experiences focused on relaxation, such as “In-Home Barista,” “Sip Gracefully,” and “Explore the Cosmos”
  • Companies were focused on recognizing tenured employees for their contributions in 2022: The most popular recognition program for Blueboard clients was Anniversary or Year-of-Service awards.


As a basis for findings from the Stitch Marketing Research analysis, the Blueboard client list was compared to the Great Place to Work company list. The following hypotheses were tested using data mining: 

  1. Using Blueboard makes your company a better place to work than other companies
  2. Blueboard clients are more likely to be named on lists of Great/Best Places to Work after using Blueboard. 

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