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President's Club and group incentive travel reimagined

President’s Clubs have been around forever. And they pretty much follow the same tired formula. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for your star salespeople. 

Conventional “we’ve always done it this way” President’s Clubs are usually more likened to a senior citizen bus tour where everyone does everything together in a regimented, be-on-time-or-get-left behind kind of forced fun atmosphere.

Enter COVID-19. The pandemic revealed, or maybe just reinforced, that the way we work really doesn’t work. It showed that people want to work remotely and feel that they can be just as productive—if not even more so—working from home. And they are happier doing it. Likewise, we learned that one-size-fits-all President’s Clubs, especially those which involve group travel, are not meeting everyone’s needs. 

This is not just due to COVID-related travel restrictions. We’re now learning that it's also from people’s personal preferences. Top sales people don’t always feel comfortable in situations that involve alcohol or wearing swim attire in front of their peers, for example. Many would rather travel with their families, friends or their loved ones. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Is this the best you can do for your rockstar revenue generators?

When it comes to recognizing sales success you need choices. And we offer them. We're excited to share an all-new Blueboard President’s Club, a totally reimagined way to recognize, retain, and motivate your top performing sales reps.

Why make the switch to Blueboard President's Club?

Irrespective of whether you are planning your President’s Club for the first time or planning to create an all inclusive and equitable President’s Club program to cater to the different needs of your organization and sales people distributed across the globe, Blueboard President’s Club offers one-of-a-kind experiential rewards, with flexibility and personalization that is guaranteed to wow your sales reps.

Think once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list kind of experiences. 

Imagine offering your reps the opportunity to dive with sharks in Bora Bora. Or to be surrounded by wildlife on an African safari. Or chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland. Now that is some serious motivation. And serious bragging rights. 

But more choices equal more hassles, right? Not with this Club.

Let’s face it. You don’t want to be in the travel business.

You want to provide amazing experiences for your top reps but you’d rather be out closing revenue-generating deals than making hotel and flight reservations. We do it all for you. In fact, our program is especially attractive for first-timers, and is becoming their de facto program. Our turnkey President’s Club is low-stress when compared to running your own in-house programs. 

Let our expert Concierge team handle it.

Your top performers deserve the white glove treatment and our Concierge team will make them feel like a real VIP. They’ll personally handle all of your reps' needs, which means you'll not only save time and resources, but your sales reps will be happier  and more motivated—by getting to choose and customize the adventure most meaningful to them.

And, of course, COVID-19 is still with us.

Travel restrictions are still in place around the world. The Delta variant is creating real concerns. Your employees may not want to travel in groups, even if fully vaccinated. And it’s not just about COVID, it’s about life! Your reps may have personal conflicts like a daughter’s graduation, a wedding, etc., and may not be able to travel at the same time as the bigger group. 

The real value behind Blueboard President's Club.

We've sent thousands of top sales reps on Blueboard President's Club trips, and 70% report that they're rather receive another Blueboard experience than go back to their traditional group trip with coworkers. Here's the real value we bring to the sales incentive trip:

1. We make President’s Club easy to plan, and low-stress for you. 

We know what your sales leaders, event planners, and sales ops team needs to create an awesome program that’s the very best for you and your sales team. We help you at every step along your journey, from planning and budgeting, to implementation, to creating an exciting launch and reward distribution.

We provide everything you need for a successful program launch, including co-branded landing pages, videos and marketing collateral to showcase sample experiences and the real feeling of our Club experience. Your reps will be salivating! And we’ll bet that the landing page will be one of the most visited sites at your company. You can customize your landing page to announce President’s Club winners, and can even include a congratulatory video message from your CEO (or other sales leader)! 

2. Your best and brightest now have choices. 

Our President Club does way more than just create amazing experiences. We help you address cultural and social concerns that are often ignored with in-house programs. Some participants may not drink alcohol for example. Or may not feel comfortable in a bathing suit around their peers. Or there might be religious considerations that preclude attendees from enjoying a group trip. 

Our President’s Club is the one platform that provides an inclusive, equitable opportunity for all reps, regardless of social or cultural backgrounds.

3. Give your top talent the most valuable gift: quality time.

Our President’s Club lets your top reps spend their hard-earned reward travel as they choose, for example, with their family, bestie, or partner. They can spend quality time bonding with loved ones in a vacation-like setting, vs. having to feel "on" in front of coworkers. What better way for reps to celebrate their achievements than with people they love the most? Experiences spent with partners or families means more memories made, and more appreciation for your company.

Praise for Blueboard President's Club.

Since launching our President's Club, we've sent thousands of sales reps #Blueboarding. After each experience, we get their feedback through our post-experience engagement surveys. The results are in, and employees are overwhelmingly voting for freedom of choice. 70% of Blueboard recipients would prefer to do an individual experience vs. going back to a traditional club.

Here’s what Blueboard President’s Club recipients are saying:

  • 4.7/5 rating “How did you enjoy your Blueboard experience?"
  • 4.8/5 rating “How did you enjoy the service received from your Concierge?”
  • 95% rating “Do you feel motivated to perform at the same level or higher?”
  • 97% rating “When you received your reward, did you feel appreciated for a job well done?”

Your reps won’t be able to contain themselves after their Blueboard experience. They will have to talk about it. They’ll brag about it. And so should you, both internally and externally. Shared experiences will not only elevate employee morale, but also provide deep motivation for everyone in the organization.

As your top employees serve as brand ambassadors, sharing photos, memories and feedback on social media, they'll help you attract top talent. Show the world that you truly care about your employees and that you're actively investing in their wellbeing.

Let’s partner together to celebrate your top people.

Want to learn more about how you can send your rockstars on the bucket list experience of their dreams? Learn more on our President’s Club product page, or request a demo to meet 1:1 with a member of our Sales team. 

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