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Prioritizing Wellness for Your Sales Team
Sophia Lee
March 15, 2016

Any salesperson will tell you their job can be intensely competitive and stressful. In a world where money is listed as the primary source of stress by 64 percent of the population, the pressure of constantly having to meet revenue targets can result in burnt out and disgruntled employees. Knowing this, we understand it can be difficult for sales leaders to think of creative ways to encourage feelings of wellness outside of the standard commission and bonus structure. To help out we’ve compiled these creative tips – please share a comment below if you put any into practice!

Money is the primary source of stress for 64% of the US population

Tip #1: Embody Wellness

As sales leaders, you need to lead by example. Let’s say you make a point of leaving your desk every day to enjoy your full hour of lunch or errands. You’ll find that the rest of your team will feel encouraged to do the same. Whereas if you stay glued to your computer all day and skip meals, you may find your employees feeling similarly starved – even if that’s not what you expect of them. Another example is to regularly use your PTO show your team that it’s encouraged to take vacations. Did you know that employees fail to use nearly five vacation days every year (which is some cases is half their allotted time)? All of these unused days add up to an overwhelming $224 billion in liability taken on by U.S. businesses. This doesn’t take into account that when people don’t take time off to reset, the resulting stress can be detrimental to both workers and their company. Other ways to embody wellness include taking advantage of on-site gyms or gym discounts, encouraging quick stretching or meditation sessions to kick off a mentally-taxing group meeting, or offering flexibility in employees working remotely. 


Tip #2: Make Wellness Accessible

Oftentimes the reason why employees don’t integrate healthy practices into their jobs is because it’s not an accessible option. When the company kitchen is constantly stocked with Cheetos and donuts it’s hard to resist taking a handful when busy employees are looking for a quick meal. It can also be extremely difficult for your employees to find time for relaxing activities, like getting a massage or pedicure, when they’re working until 7 p.m. every night. This isn’t uncommon: Social Media Today found that ⅔ of employees feel “overwhelmed” at work and 50 percent work more than 40 hours a week. Sales leaders can combat this problem by making the work environment more conducive to wellness. For example, make healthier snack options available (consider our friends at SnackNation), sponsor in-office massages, encourage walking 1:1s, or proactively organize 5K events to motivate the whole team to participate.

2/3 of US employees feel “overwhelmed” at work

Tip #3: Provide Wellness Incentives

There are ways to provide incentives that don’t necessarily revolve around cold, hard cash. A quick poll across our network received a ton of responses – enabling budgets for peer-to-peer rewards, coordinating personalized treats and surprises for top team members (bringing in their favorite cupcakes, taking them out for a golf lesson), or more formal team building events and offsites. Team building events specifically foster many great qualities in a team – helping to shape individual team member roles, enabling the group to problem solve, improving overall communication, and boosting culture and morale. At Blueboard, we specialize in team building event concierge as well as experiential employee rewards, in case you’re curious to learn more.


An outstanding team is necessary for a successful business, and what makes an outstanding team is one where the employees feel fulfilled, healthy and recognized. Instead of succumbing to the standard “churn and burn” mentality that this industry follows, consider adopting a few of the ideas above and share how they impact the quality of your team.

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