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Quick Wins for Driving Retention During the First 90 Days
Madison Krell
April 18, 2019

It’s a scary fact that 3 of your next 10 newly hired employee are likely to quit within 90 days of being hired. Their reasons for quitting can include anything from being unprepared for their day-to-day roles, disliking the company culture, or having a bad incident at the company. This high turnover rate is a waste of your time and your company’s money; and the reality is, high turnover rates can be reduced with an effective onboarding program.

With a strong onboarding program, new hire retention rates improve 82% and productivity improves by 70%. When employees are better acclimated to their role and peers, they are proven to be more successful and happier in their role.

This week, we hosted a webinar discussing how to improve retention in the first 90 days of hiring through the help of effective onboarding. Our webinar included a panel of onboarding experts: Morgan Chaney, Director of Marketing and Culture Committee Lead at Blueboard; Bart Macdonald, Co-founder and CEO at Sapling; Emma Leeds Guidarelli, Head of People at the Museum of Ice Cream; and Arielle Fuller, Head of Curation and Culture Committee Lead at Blueboard.

While each company’s onboarding process is unique to them, our four experts shared their best advice on how to create an effective onboarding program for your company.

Check out the full recording and recap below, and for more great HR Webinars, stay in touch via our Resources page.

In order to set your new hires up for success, Morgan recommends following these 4 key onboarding strategies:

1. Create a Warm Welcome

Onboarding starts before the first day at the office; as soon as the new hire signs their offer letter. This time between the offer letter and the first day of work is a crucial part of making your employee feel welcome.

What to do when the offer is accepted:

What to do on their first day:

After the first 30 days:

2.  Build Meaningful Connections and Relationships

Building these connections with coworkers and forming relationships starts as soon as the new hire accepts their offer; but, should continue to grow through their tenure at the company.

What to do when the offer is accepted:

What to do on the first day:

During the first 30 days:

3. Form clarity around their role

This strategy is very important for millennial employees, who want to make sure that they are making a difference and impact in their company.

What to do on the first day:

What to do during the first 30 days:

4. Celebrate early wins

Make sure the new hire feels productive and feels they are able to make an impact. This begins with reflections made at 30- days and continues through their first 90 days

What to do during the first 30 days:

What to do during the first 60 days:

What to do during the first 90 days:

Take the time to reflect on your current onboarding strategy. Which stages are you hitting? Which do you need to work on?

For those looking for onboarding gifts or employee referral incentivization, we’d love for you to browse some of our experiential employee rewards here at Blueboard, and check out how we help motivate employee referrals to happen. Employee referrals can also help your onboarding program work better by creating faster hires who are less costly, onboard more quickly, have higher ROI, and are happier in their jobs.

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Stay tuned for more webinars and upcoming events here on our Resources page.

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