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The Art of Saying “Thank You” To Your Employees

Here’s a common scene: it’s 9 a.m. and you’re waiting in line at Starbucks with a crowd of fellow under-caffeinated individuals. You squeeze around the counter to wait for your drink and watch as the barista calls out order after order, as people grab their coffees and run out the door. What’s missing?

This is a pretty specific example of a broad epidemic: the lost art of saying “thank you.” In the rush of everyday life, we tend to forget the little things that may have a big impact on someone else – a smile, a hug or a simple “thank you.” This seems to be especially prevalent in the work environment, where morale and engagement are so important. Attention Managers, now that it’s the holiday season, take some time to unwind with your eggnog and think about how you can make your coworkers feel more appreciated. Our holiday gift to you – a few tips for making that office “thank you” extra special:

Tip #1: Be Specific

While it’s always a nice gesture to thank someone, it’s important for the “thank you” to feel relevant. Instead of a general “great job” or “thanks for doing this,” try something like “This is an excellent report – your strong analytical thinking really shows in this project.” This way, employees know which specific behavior is attracting this positive reaction and will be motivated to continue moving in that direction.

Tip #2: Go Public

Say “thank you” in both private and public settings. A private “thank you” feels intimate and personal, which is important. But public employee recognition is also necessary so the rest of the team knows who is producing great work and will feel motivated to do the same. (Also, everyone just likes to feel special.) In fact, a recent whitepaper commissioned by Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For and O.C. Tanner found that personal recognition was the leading response when employees were asked what would motivate them to produce great work – even ahead of increased pay, promotion, or training.

Tip #3: Get Creative

Whether it’s a hand-written card or a thoughtful email, there are endless ways to express gratitude. That’s where our team at Blueboard comes in. A study by JWT Intelligence found that 79% of adults value experiences more than material items. So why not try making employees feel appreciated through their choice of an experiential employee reward like guitar lessons, a yoga retreat, or even becoming James Bond for a day (fancy cars, martinis and all)?

It’s not rocket science, folks. If you want a happy team, all it takes is an actively grateful manager. If you’re interested to learn more about expressing your gratitude through the gift of experiences, learn more about our offerings.

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