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The Blueboard Concierge Team’s Top 5 Favorite Experiences

At Blueboard, we have an awesome (and growing!) Concierge team that plans memorable memorable experiential rewards for employees for employees who produce amazing work for their employers.

Our team works one-on-one with reward recipients to make sure their experience is seamless from start to finish, so that all your employees have to do is show up and have a great time - whether they’re booking a much-needed massage, taking in a Broadway show, or traveling to Bali for a restorative yoga retreat.

The best part of the job? Getting to know your employees on a personal level and helping them cross something off their bucket list, schedule quality time with their family, or indulge in some me-time. In this post, we meet a few faces from our Concierge team and hear some of the most memorable Blueboard employee rewards they’ve planned.  

A Bucket List Flight in a Vintage World War II Airplane

Submitted by Kat Porter

Kat Porter

I arranged for Cindy to take a ride in an old vintage World War II B-25 airplane at a local air show. Cindy and her family have been going to this air show for years, and riding in a historic airplane is an experience she’s always wanted to try - but something she said she never would have planned for herself.  She was really excited for this unique experience! Cindy was so great to work with and reminded me how fulfilling my job is.

"It was so memorable experiencing what it was like to fly in a old airplane. Kat did a great job and was very patient and thorough with me.” - Cindy, reward recipient, USI

A Life-Changing Northern Lights Experience

Submitted by Ceilidh McElroy

Ceilidh McElroy

I have to share a really cool story from Glaukos: one of their employees, Rue, won a Ruby reward and decided to use it for a babymoon trip with his wife. So I set them up with a trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Glaukos’ VP of HR, Michele, said that this trip was something Rue and his wife likely would have never paid for themselves, and it was such an amazing experience for them that they named their daughter "Aurora" in memory of the trip!

An Authentic Italian Honeymoon Experience

Submitted by Ceilidh McElroy

I loved planning this experience for Deniz and his wife because they wanted to use their Blueboard reward on experiences for their honeymoon in Italy. A few highlights from their vacation were the Amalfi Coast Positano Cooking Class, Traditional Home Cooking Experience, and Full Day Boat Excursion. The trip was a mix of history, food, and outdoor adventure!

My favorite thing about this experience is that Deniz and his wife trusted Blueboard with the planning of their honeymoon, which is such a special milestone in their life together. Deniz and his wife were so adventurous, and I thought it was so cool that they immersed themselves in Italy by meeting and hanging out with locals.

Our cooking class in Positano Italy was fantastic. We actually met some of the chefs at an earlier experience, and they treated us like family. The trip was incredible, and the experiences were so amazing. We had a blast at all of them. Amazing service, and I loved every second of it. Thank you!” -Deniz, reward recipient, true[X]

A Thrilling Introduction to Flying Trapeze

Submitted by Kendra Berning

Kendra Berning

I had so much fun planning Melissa's Introduction to Flying Trapeze experience with her! Melissa defined Blueboard's mission by utilizing her employee reward to step outside her comfort zone and try something new, all while sharing the experience with somebody she loves - her fiancé Tyler! Melissa was so excited and grateful for her experience based reward, which makes it extra rewarding for me to plan. Her experience was seamless and super memorable...not to mention that Melissa turned out to be SO GOOD at flying trapeze!

"It was such a breeze setting up my experience. I loved that I initially got to pick from a list, and that Kendra worked with me over email (my preferred method of communication) to set everything up. My fiancé and I arrived to the location, and there was nothing needed from us as Kendra advised us to fill out the right forms beforehand. It was very memorable and definitely an experience I can check off of my bucket list now!" - Melissa, reward recipient, Fullscreen

A Special Treat Yourself Day

Submitted by Erin Kang

Erin Kang

I really enjoyed planning Farha's salon makeover experience - she was super pleasant to work with! She described herself as low-maintenance, so it was awesome to put together a day at the salon that was all about her. We set her up with a new haircut and color, and the ultimate manicure and pedicure. My favorite thing about this kind of experience is that many people might feel hesitant to plan something indulgent like this for themselves - but since this is a gifted experience from an employer, it’s an awesome opportunity to totally let loose and enjoy!

"Never, ever thought I could have such a great time! I was treated like a queen!” - Farha, reward recipient, USI

Our top-notch Concierge team loves nothing more than helping people plan the experience of their dreams. If you’re interested in bringing an employee recognition program to your employees in 2019, be sure to reach out to us at or Request a Demo via the orange button above.

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