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The Impact of Experiential Rewards [MID-2017 RESEARCH]
Morgan Chaney
July 31, 2017

Our mission here at Blueboard is “Helping companies to enable top employees to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, and discover new things." This mission comes to life through the hundreds of experiential employee rewards hand-curated and offered in our employee rewards catalog — rewards that not only inspire and delight top employees, but also deliver real engagement impact.

Healthy employee engagement is a huge driver of positive business results. Kenexa Research shares that companies with engaged employees outperform their disengaged peers by 5X (measured through shareholder return over a five-year period), and experience much higher customer satisfaction scores, with NPS averages above 37 percent, compared to the disengaged group’s meager 10 percent annual average.

Breaking that down into dollars and cents, according to the Hay Group, engaged employees bring in 43% more revenue than disengaged ones. Tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Google earn on average $1M in revenue per worker annually, so you can only imagine how revenues would climb with just a 1-3 ppt increase in engagement.

So where does Blueboard fit in?

Employee recognition is one of four key drivers of employee engagement, and we’ve set out to make this impact easily measurable. Blueboard’s Concierge team facilitates delivery of Post-experience Engagement Surveys after every rewarded employee’s experience, and our Customer Success team summarizes the data for your ongoing review and comparison to other internal engagement survey results.

Today we’re excited to share an Employee Recognition Impact Analysis mid-year update overviewing data from our Post-experience Engagement Surveys, along with some of our favorite customer stories.

97% of Rewarded Employees Feel More Appreciated

When employee recognition is authentic and personal, employees feel truly valued and appreciated. We offer hundreds of exciting, hand-curated experiential rewards for employees to choose from, making their recognition moment unique and memorable.

96% of Rewarded Employees Feel Motivated to Perform at a Higher Level

We design experiential rewards that challenge employees’ comfort zones (like tandem skydiving), allow them to indulge in their passions (private boxing or DJing lessons), or discover something totally new (like the art of flying trapeze). Rewarded employees come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, or inspired through reconnection with their creative side — forming new ideas and overflowing with increased energy to channel into that next big project.

97% Agree that Blueboard Builds a More Positive Company Culture

While cash and gift cards are quiet, experiential employee rewards are anything but. Monetary gifts are, by nature, transactional, making employees and managers uncomfortable discussing them openly.

We want to help you build a culture of recognition, one where employees are excited to celebrate each other’s success and progress towards shared company goals. Experiential employee rewards are highly shareable; we’ve loved seeing customers adopt Blueboard channels on Slack to capture videos and photos as employees go out on their adventures, or post printed photos on gratitude boards in common spaces around the office. Celebrating as Blueboard rewards come to life bonds employees and helps to reinforce future, positive behaviors company-wide.

97% Believe Blueboard is a Great Tool for Retaining Top Talent

Bersin by Deloitte shares that companies with meaningful employee rewards programs in place can expect reduced employee turnover rates by 31 percent on average. Demand for knowledge workers is ever-increasing, and Blueboard employee rewards help you differentiate from your competition. And because Blueboard rewards are highly shareable, our experiential employee rewards help you not only increase brand loyalty, but also employer affinity, as employees humble-brag about the cool adventures they’ve experienced all thanks to their company.

Wrapping things up:

Blueboard experiential employee rewards are a great tool for building employee engagement, proven through increased feelings of value, motivation, as well as building a more positive company culture and improved talent retention. If you’re ready to step up your engagement game, let’s talk. Request a Demo to connect with our team via the orange button above, or drop us your quick questions via our Live Chat on your right.

How has employee recognition changed your employee engagement strategy? Share your stories via the Comments section below.

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