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The Power Of Authentic Appreciation [Webinar Recap]
Sophia Lee
November 18, 2019

People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers. And at the end of the day, we all just want our hard work to be both seen and valued. So as an HR leader, it's crucial to inspire and direct your leadership team around how to create appreciation moments that authentically support your culture, as well as the personalized needs of your employees. That’s why we partnered with our friends at 15Five to host a webinar about the power of authentic appreciation. Our panelists included: 

Check out the full video and recap below. For more great HR webinars, stay in touch via our Resources page.

There are four main pillars that make appreciation truly authentic and valuable. We share each below along with tips from our panelists on how to achieve each of these pillars: 


Make sure your recognition is personalized to the person receiving it. Otherwise, you risk the recipient feeling disappointed or even embarrassed by your well-intended act of appreciation. For instance, if an employee doesn’t enjoy public praise, giving them a shoutout at an all-hands meeting may not be the best idea. Here are a few additional tips from our panelists to make your appreciation moments more personalized:


70% of individual contributors state they are recognized only once per year (or worse, not at all). This clearly indicates that employees aren’t receiving appreciation frequently enough. Instead of saving up all your kudos for a performance review six months later, which dilutes the impact of the appreciation, give it to employees in real-time. A few additional ideas to consider that can help you give recognition live. 


Saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t cut it when giving authentic appreciation. You have to be specific about what the employee did to deserve the praise. This makes the recognition feel much more meaningful and also helps employees understand what’s expected of them in the future. Here are additional tips from our panelists on how to share appreciation that’s specific:  


One of the concepts that Kim Scott discusses in her book Radical Candor is how every opportunity for feedback or recognition is also an opportunity to inspire someone to improve even more the next time. We couldn’t agree more! Here are some recommendations from our speakers on how to provide growth-oriented appreciation:

We hope you find these tips helpful when it comes to understanding how to share authentic appreciation. If you’re looking for personalized and meaningful employee recognition ideas, we’d love for you to browse some of our experiential employee rewards here at Blueboard. To learn more about Blueboard and get in touch with our team, simply reach out via the Request Demo button above ^^.

Stay tuned for more valuable webinars and upcoming events here on our Resources page- we can’t wait to see you again online!


Employee Appreciation Suggestions from Susan Fierro

“The deepest principal in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” William James

This quote really hit home to me, so much so that I am going to print it and hang it in my office as a daily reminder. Since recognition and appreciation are so important in maintaining happy and productive workforce, I wanted to share with you some easy and low-cost ways to show your employees that they are appreciated:

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