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Top 3 Expectations From Your Millennial Employees

As you are reading this, there are millions of millennials worldwide pondering their next career move. Attracting and retaining the most educated generation is a challenge, and employers are recognizing that winning the war on talent begins with winning the hearts of millennials. After all, let’s not forget that millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025.

Every generation works differently and has different expectations from their employers. Millennials just so happen to be the poster child for this wave of expectations. We’ve drafted the Top 3 Expectations millennial workers are seeking from their employers.  Consider putting these into practice, and no doubt you’ll see cascaded impact to your additional employees as well.

#1: Employee Recognition isn’t just an option – it’s a necessity

Feedback is quite the buzzword, and it’s best practiced often and in real-time. When great work has been completed, millennials expect to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work and accomplishments. Perhaps you have heard it in the negative, that millennials are needy and entitled. What if this “entitlement” is just an indication of the strong need that all generations have -to be seen and recognized for their work?

#2: There needs to be meaning

Work is no longer just work, nor just a means of bringing money home. Guaranteed, the top companies out there today have a strong mission and cultural values. Millennials expect companies to maintain a dialogue of meaning where employees can feel apart of something; they need to believe what they are doing is meaningful and that they are important to the company.

#3: Choice is trust

Never before have there been so many ways for someone to spend their time. Further, the individual interests that each person has are on a broader scale. Get ready for it- millennials care about work-life balance! The expectation is that work can support the richness of life. This paradigm can be reached by allowing employees to choose and control how they grow and develop, whether personally or professionally.  At Blueboard, we’ve curated over 150 experiences that cater to even your most diverse employees, allowing you to give a reward that ignites their passions and interests outside of the workplace.

As this conversation is just beginning, forward-thinking companies are already diving in and designing their talent management strategies for the millennial generation. The reason winning the hearts of millennials will win the war is because you could potentially have every soldier on your side. Why win 75% of hearts when you could have 100%?

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