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Our team here at Blueboard was thrilled to be honored with two very exciting awards this month: we ranked #67 on Fortune’s 100 Best Small Workplaces in 2020 list, and #25 on the Fast 100 list - the fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area as reported by the San Francisco Business Times. 

We’re incredibly proud of earning these Great Place to Work designations and delighted to share space on the lists with so many other outstanding growing companies. For us, earning this kind of recognition is a testament to our culture, and our culture is something that every Blueboarder has played a role in building. 

Each day, Blueboarders come online knowing that they are a part of something special, something organic, something growing. And each day, Blueboarders make choices to help build our business, serve our clients, and cultivate our culture. We all share responsibility for living out our values, and we are accountable to each other to keep moving toward our mission. We wouldn’t be such an outstanding workplace without the daily contributions of each and every person at Blueboard, and we couldn’t be more grateful to the entire team for helping us earn spots on these notable lists, in this year of all years.

It’s no hyperbole to say that 2020 has been rough. We’ve faced a global pandemic, social unrest due to the injustices of systemic racism, an economic downturn, and an unexpected transition to working from home every day. And yet, Blueboarders have pressed forward. Our team has supported one another through the toughest days, launched new ideas and opportunities across the business, broken old records, and found countless creative ways to continue #blueboarding amidst many challenges. 

We saw our Curation team build new and meaningful menu options to ensure that recipients could stay safe and contribute to causes that inspired them. Our tireless Concierge team has provided personalized support to hundreds of recipients, giving every person one-on-one care and unforgettable experiences. The Sales team has forged partnerships with a swarm of new clients, bringing the delight of Blueboard experiential rewards to numerous companies looking for a way to enliven and engage their workforces. And our Client Success teams have provided thoughtful, tailored coaching to support our clients as they continue to navigate this year’s bumpy roads. This list could go on and on! 

The commitment, passion, and resilience of Blueboarders to each other and to our shared goals has been a sight to see, especially in light of the challenges of this year. We have been quietly working hard, working together, and growing for quite some time now. We have learned that devotion to our mission and values, and to our teammates, is what works for us. Our newly-earned spots on the Best Workplaces and Fast 100 lists feels just a bit like we’re letting everyone else in on the secret. 

We’re a company of go-getters, of authenticity, of relationship building, and of adventure. We believe in inspiring people to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, and try new things, and we do those things every day, despite any curve balls that come our way. Our team IS our super power, and our team has been shining brightly this year.  We have no doubt that it is this collective dedication to our mission and values, and to one another, that helped us score these Best Workplaces rankings. We’re so proud. Blueboard, you crushed it. 

Thank you Gloria, Kevin, Karen, Claire, Brady, Michael, Mallory, Taylor, Hannah S., Siobhan, Grace, Lucas, Prince, Andrew, Bojan, Morgan O., Megan, Laura, Jen, Syna, Hunter M., Marie, Ceilidh, Lianna, Meah, Tim, Nadia, Michelle, Rosie, Eric, Justin, Melanie, Marty, Mike, Mario, Maddie, Arianna, Hunter H., Maryum, Edna, Patrick, Chris F., Shannon, Chris E., Jenny, Debbie, Kenny, Brandon, Alexis, Hannah C., Morgan C., Emma, Alicia, Monica, Allyson, Kendra, Kaitlin, Brittney, Sierra, Vito, Allison, Jon, Quinn, Travis, Carlynn, Alissa, Nicole, Lorraine, Crystal, Bettina, Karina, Hazel, Gloria, Ariel, Lendl, Alexis, Steven, Hanna, Slava, Anastasiia B., Julia F., Taras, Serhii, Olha, Julia L, Yuliia M., Eugene N., Anton P., Yuliia P., Anastasia S. Maksym, Dmitriy, Steblin, Anton S. Andrii, Sergey, and Kateryna! 

PS - Want to be a part of the fun? We’re hiring! If working with such a dream team sounds like a dream to you, we’d love to have you join our squad! Check out our open roles online here and learn more about Blueboard’s culture on our Careers page.

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