Blueboard Code of Conduct

Last updated: January 5th, 2022

Blueboard Code of Conduct

At Blueboard, we have four values that create the foundation for our employee experience and establish alignment across the business: 

  • Build meaningful relationships. We care deeply about connecting authentically with others and strive to be available and genuinely open to connection in all forms.
  • Set ourselves up for success. We are always thoughtful and intentional when it comes to our work. No matter the size or scope of what we’re working to achieve, we plan proactively to maximize our opportunity for success.
  • Get sh*t done (GSD). We are determined, scrappy, and will always strive to punch above our weight class. We do whatever it takes to get the job done and wear that as a badge of honor.
  • Dance a little different. We accept others as they come, and strive to wear our individuality proudly on our sleeves, at work and out in the world. By being simultaneously open and unequivocally ourselves, we hope to inspire others to be comfortable dancing a little different.

Our core values can be found throughout the entire employee and Blueboard Recipient experience. We strive to create and cultivate a culture of community, respect and inclusion.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Be respectful - Building Meaningful Relationships is a value at Blueboard; there is no excuse for poor behavior or poor manners. We may run into instances where we feel frustrated; however, we cannot allow that frustration to negatively impact the relationships we are working to build. 
  • Embracing empathy - done by acting with kindness, compassion, and consideration, this allows us to work together effectively, bringing Blueboard one step closer to our vision of connecting one billion people through unforgettable experiences.

The psychological safety of Blueboarders are of the utmost importance. If a Recipient, Administrator, or Experience Provider engages in any of the following inappropriate behaviors below, reciprocal action will be taken

  • Any form of racist, sexist or harassing language
  • Harassment (i.e. aggressive pressure or acts of intimidation) 
  • Including, but not limited to: multiple outreaches to a Blueboarder, multiple outreaches to multiple team members across Blueboard, contact outside of the Blueboard platform (ex: mass messaging via Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn)
  • Threats, either personal or professional

Violations of the policy are taken seriously and may result in reciprocal action,  including, but not limited to, experience forfeiture.

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As of March 12, 2024, Blueboard has ceased its operations. To everyone that supported us over the years, thank you. 🙏