How Metagenics is maximizing employee recognition impact with Blueboard.


As one of the most trusted health and wellness brands worldwide, Metagenics delivers  high-quality, science-based nutritional supplements, medical foods, and lifestyle programs to support healthcare practitioners in their efforts to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals.


Aliso Viejo, California


Health, Wellness and Fitness

  • Anniversary Awards
  • Custom Spot Rewards
  • Quarterly and Annual MetaStar Awards
  • President’s Club
  • Annual Achievement Awards

A few years ago, the People & Culture team at Metagenics was struggling to find the right rewards solution for their needs. They’d shifted from gift cards to a vendor that offered acrylic awards but were disappointed by the customer service they received.

They started looking for a new partner that would make life easier and suit their employees’ needs and preferences. The team was thrilled when they found another vendor who boasted big name clients. This vendor offered acrylic awards and an online store for employees and seemed to be “magical in the space”. But they were disappointed yet again by subpar customer service and a tough-to-use platform.

When the Covid-19 pandemic made sourcing and shipping physical awards even more difficult, the Metagenics team decided it was time to give Blueboard a try. “Blueboard was hovering around us, looking like a really cool platform. We decided to test the waters with some limited recognition programs [using Blueboard rewards] and people seemed to respond to it well. So we decided to move forward with experiential rewards, both for convenience and to support our employees to rest, recharge, and disconnect,” explains Ana Niumata, Internal Communications Manager at Metagenics.

Chief People Officer at Boston Dynamics.
"We want our people to feel as special as they are, and that’s why we’re happy to partner with Blueboard to recognize their achievements. Currently, we’ve implemented an Anniversary Service Award program that allows our team members to choose from a variety of actives that are meaningful to them as a way for us to show our appreciation in their longevity with the organization. And I’m looking forward to my own five year anniversary and can’t wait to choose my own adventure."
Rachel S.
Chief People Officer
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Set your company culture apart with a new kind of employee recognition.

With Blueboard, you can recognize and reward your people with their choice of a curated experience. An experience that makes them go, “wow”.

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