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As a Blueboard partner, we want to set you and your recognition program up for success. We’ve created a suite of resources for you to promote your Blueboard program and continue the celebrations.

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Blueboard brand assets. (logos, guidelines, imagery).

Want to bring the Blueboard brand to life at your company? Love it! Download our official brand assets below to represent Blueboard with pride. Be sure to check out our Brand Guidelines for examples and explanations on how to use our brand assets. Not sure if you're using a brand element correctly? No problem, just ask your Blueboard Account Manager.

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Download the Blueboard reward level icons for your programs.

If you opted to use Blueboard reward icons, snag them in PNG or SVG format to spice up any promotional collateral you are crafting about your Blueboard recognition program.


Promote experiences with a few of our favorites at each reward level.

We offer hundreds of unique experiences through our hand-curated menu at each reward level. While we can't feature them all, we've curated a selection of the top experiences at each reward level available through our Core Menu for you to use as examples to get your people excited. Each experience includes a brief description and an official image to go along with it.

Learn a New Language

If you’ve always dreamed of being cultured and fluent in another language, it’s not too late! Start your journey to conversational proficiency with classes in a language of your choice.

Download experience image

The Foodie Tour

​​Whether you’re a passionate foodie or just a curious soul looking to try new cuisines, a food tour will let you discover delicious bites while strolling through the neighborhood.

Download experience image

Outdoor Adventure

Spending time in fresh air is scientifically proven to improve your health and mind, but what kind of adventure you go on once you get outdoors is completely up to you-choose from kayaking, off-roading, or maybe mountain biking!

Download experience image

Bring Home the Brewery

If you are a fan of the craft beer scene then you'll love getting to continue the experience at home as you sip on a variety of small-batch, artisan brews each month.

Download experience image

Sip Grapefully

You supply the great company and Blueboard will deliver hand-picked wines from The California Wine Club to help you discover artisan vineyards along the west coast.

Download experience image

Personal Massage

Treat your body to some well-deserved and long-overdue rest during an indulgent 60-minute massage tailored to fit your body’s needs.

Download experience image

Read and Relax

Reading a novel is like escaping on an adventure without ever having to leave home, which is exactly what you’ll get to do each month with a book subscription that comes with snacks, candles, and cozy drinks to curl up with.

Download experience image

Swing Through 18 Holes

Enjoy fresh air, physical activity, and some friendly competition by spending the day at a golf course improving your swing with a round of 18 holes.

Download experience image

Cooking Class

If you’ve been lacking inspiration in the kitchen, or just want to round out your skills, take a cooking class with a master chef who will blow your taste buds away and leave you excited to chef up your own creations.

Download experience image

Fly an Airplane

Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective, and learning how to fly a plane over the mountains, valleys, or coastlines of your local area might be the ultimate perspective shift.

Download experience image

Take a Spin at Pottery

Spin the wheel, the pottery wheel that is, and hand-make your own creation. It’s not funky and lopsided, it’s an original, one-of-a-kind masterpiece, so unleash your inner artist!

Download experience image

At-Home Barista

Sometimes you want a delicious cup of coffee without getting out of your pajamas and a barista setup, including a coffee maker of your choice, will let you do just that!

Download experience image

Soar with Drone Photography & Videography

Use your very own Hubsan Zino UKD 4K Quadcopter to create high-quality content with aerial footage that can only be seen from the sky, take your videos and images to the next level!

Download experience image

Family Fun at the Amusement Park

Spend some time with the people you love most enjoying crazy rides and top speeds at your local amusement park!

Download experience image

Glide Away on Your Own Paddleboard

Whether you are a water sports pro, or new to this activity, paddleboarding is a fun and peaceful way to get active and explore a body of water near you! Get your own durable inflatable paddle board so you can get after it!

Download experience image

Get Fit at Home

Time to make the most of your work-from-home schedule and get fit with a twelve-month subscription box, including fitness gear and apparel, nutrients, and supplements sent to you monthly to keep the grind consistent!

Download experience image

Indulge in a Spa Day

Take the time you deserve to truly relax with a massage, facial, body scrub, or wrap. Reservation, luxurious pampering service, and gratuity is all included and set up by your Concierge to make this completely stress-free.

Download experience image


Sometimes you just need a break from your routine to relax for a night in your own city! Enjoy one night in an upscale hotel to escape it all.

Download experience image

Tickets to the Show

Maybe there’s an awesome play, ballet, stand up comedian or concert artist coming to town. Maybe your city is home to a ballin sports team that you’ve been hoping to root for in person. Whatever it is, we want to send you and some friends to make some special memories.

Download experience image

Learn to Play an Instrument

Whether you dropped the ball on being the next Beethoven or you want to make your Guitar Hero dreams a reality, we are here to help you. We’ll find an instructor or class that can accommodate all skill levels – from beginner to Yo-Yo Ma. Okay, maybe not Yo-Yo Ma ;-)

Download experience image

Print in Three Dimentions

After taking an online 3-D modeling and printing class, put your skills to use with your very own 3-D printer to make all your dream designs come true!

Download experience image

Burn Rubber

You'll get a taste of life in the fast lane during this experience. Get behind the wheel of a race car, rev the engine, and go!

Download experience image

Reimagine Your Home

Time for a change in your home, but don’t have an eye for decorating? Let us set you up with an interior design expert to reimagine a living space, and depending on plans and room size, the actual home decor as well!

Download experience image

Luxury Glamping

Ease into the outdoors with two nights of glamping to escape from the city and relax in nature with a friend or loved one! Reservations in a yurt, luxury tent, treehouse, or other unique glamping accommodations we can find in your area.

Download experience image

Broadcast Your Podcast

Create something special with state-of-the-art podcasting equipment and courses to take your broadcast-worthy audio to the next level!

Download experience image

Jazz it up in New Orleans

Feel the rhythm of the live music, taste the sugary beignets and discover the French, African, and American culture that came together to be known as New Orleans. Don’t expect to get too much sleep during your weekend getaway, the music never stops and the list of neat things to do doesn’t either.

Download experience image

Splish & Splash with the Family

Ensure some exciting quality time with your family at your nearest Great Wolf Lodge for two nights and all the waterpark fun!

Download experience image

The Pro Fan Experience

Give yourself and a buddy a chance to watch your favorite team dominate with a full weekend getaway! Two roundtrip flights to a sports venue in the USA, one night stay at a hotel nearby the game venue, and two tickets to the game.

Download experience image

Revamp Your Home Gym

Build your ultimate home gym to jumpstart your health and tailor it to your needs! Choose from a variety of equipment, weights, mats, or mix and match with meal planning, workout gear, and a personal trainer to get you started!

Download experience image

Build Your Own Weekend Getaway

Celebrate your hard work with a domestic trip for two, roundtrip flights and a two-night hotel stay included. Top it off with a local experience specific to your interests or try something new!

Download experience image

Snowmobile the Canadian Wilderness

We’re sending you and your adrenaline junkie guest to the mountains of Whistler, British Columbia to experience a thrilling three-hour snowmobile tour. You will stay in an upscale Lodge for five days of winter wonderland adventures!

Download experience image

Jungle Adventure in Puerto Vallarta

You’ll stay 4 nights at a beachfront resort where you can dive through waves, look for marine life or sip on something tasty as you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Download experience image


Do as the locals do, and drink as the locals do-or try to! Enjoy round-trip flights to Germany so you can eat pretzels and bratwurst to your heart’s desire while embracing the local traditions.

Download experience image

The Australian Outback

Dust off your hiking boots and experience the sandstone towers of Australia’s King Canyon during a glamping adventure to the outback. Two roundtrip flights will get you to Watarrka National Park where you’ll gaze at the stars, scramble through slot canyons or maybe ride a camel.

Download experience image

Ice Cave Experience

Check Iceland and the beautiful Blue Lagoon off your bucket list! Two roundtrip flights, four nights of accommodations, and all the ice cave, waterfall, and northern lights adventures are included!

Download experience image

In-Home Cycle Experience

Exercise in style and comfort with the revolutionary Peloton bike or treadmill! With some extra goodies included too, you are all set to get after your cardio goals.

Download experience image

The Machu Picchu Experience

You'll be traveling to Peru and taking a ride on the one-of-a-kind Hiram Bingham train, including gourmet meals, entertainment, and a tour of Machu Picchu Citadel.

Download experience image

The Grand Canyon Experience

You’ll enjoy discovering the South Rim from the experts and fan favorites at Pink Jeep Tours. Next, it’s a helicopter tour to leave you with unforgettable aerial views that will occupy your mind all the way home.

Download experience image

Swim with Manta Rays in Hawaii

Round trip flights and a four-night resort stay for two will set the scene for your exhilarating swim with manta rays! A moonlit night snorkel creates a magical event to see manta rays in the open ocean, with the world-renowned white sand beaches of Waikoloa waiting for you to relax on the rest of your trip.

Download experience image

The "I Climbed Mt. Fuji" Experience

Take your adventures and climbing skills to a whole new level with the ultimate two-day Mount Fuji climbing tour! Flights, hotel stays, and the tour are all planned to help you reach the summit and conquer your goals.

Download experience image

Care for Elephants in Thailand

Get up close and personal with these gentle giants at an Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Combine this once-in-a-lifetime experience with seven days at an island resort on Koh Samui and retreat to the turquoise blue waters of your seaside escape.

Download experience image

See Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Explore Tokyo at the most breathtaking time of year, the cherry blossoms in full bloom! Flights, upscale hotel stays, gourmet meals, and all the best spots to view the sights will be provided by your Concierge.

Download experience image

The Super Bowl Experience

Experience the cheers, the applause, the yelling, the adrenaline, and the stress of the game more than you ever could from your couch. Be a part of the crowd and experience the Super Bowl like it was meant to be - from the stands.

Download experience image

12 Michelin Stars in Three Countries

A true foodie will fly around the world for a really, really good meal. Hop from one Michelin Star restaurant to another and once you check them all out, hop over to the next country and try some more. Bon appetit!

Download experience image

Meet in the Maldives

Maybe you would never book yourself an over-the-water bungalow in the Maldives, but you can finally live out your dreams with your hard-earned reward. Jump into the crystal clear waters to experience world-class diving or watch the sea life right from your bungalow.

Download experience image

Around the World Ticket

The world has so many cultures, cuisines, and wonders to discover so hop on a flight and just keep going! Your Blueboard Concierge will plan an unforgettable trip around the world for you so you can experience all this planet has to offer.

Download experience image

Luxury Lakefront Escape with Family

If you reminisce about summer days spent on the lake as a kid, then relive your childhood with your own family! Your Blueboard Concierge will book you an amazing place on the water so you can enjoy your time tubing, kayaking, or just floating in the water.

Download experience image

Royal Safari Experience

If you’ve ever wanted to feel adrenaline coursing through your veins and sit at the edge of your seat, while still staying safe, it’s time to pack your bags and go experience a safari tour! You’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime to see wild, dangerous, majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Download experience image


Get stoked about Blueboard.

Get people amped about Blueboard experiences with these hype videos featuring recipient's living their best life while #Blueboarding. While you're on our YouTube page, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on all the videos we post.


Snag these snippets about each of our
program types to help guide the discussion.

Need a little inspiration when talking about your new recognition program? No problem. We've created description snippets for each of our program types for you to steal with pride and make your own. Use our descriptions as a launch pad to inject the special characteristics about your program.


Learn more about how Blueboard works.

As a Blueboard program admin or sending manager, build your tool kit up with these docs to become a Blueboard expert. From sending a reward to redeeming, we've put together simple guides to walk through the process. If you are looking to create collateral about your specific program to share with your company, we've created a Google Slides and Powerpoint template with the basics and rooms for you to add your unique program details.


Promote the #blueboarding photo contest.

Each month we run a contest on Instagram for the best #blueboarding photo, and the winner receives an Ivory reward. Use these graphics to socialize the contest internally and get your people talking about their rewards on social. The official rules landing page is a great resource to share out along side. Who doesn't like the chance to win free stuff?!



Best practices for socializing experiences.

One of the best parts of going on a Blueboard experience is sharing highlights with your coworkers. Below are a few examples and best practices of how we like to share recipient stories internally. Including details like which experience they chose encourages more employees to strive towards a Blueboard reward and inspiration for recipients yet to redeem.

To help get you started, we've created a Google Slides and Powerpoint template for you to use when creating slides or graphics celebrating recipient's experiences. Each slide has the opportunity to be co-branded with your logo.

Group of friends at a nice dinner
Gourmet Food with Friends

"My Blueboard experience was great! My husband and I were able to make a trip to DC to have dinner with one of our friends that we had not seen in over a year! We had dinner at La Bise and it was one of the best meals any of us have ever had! And this is coming from 3 foodies!"

- Heather M.

Two brothers at a Chicago Bears football game
Congratulations to Mike M. on his 4th Workiversary! Mike used his Blueboard reward to cheer on the Chicago Bears in the stands with his brother.

"The most memorable part was attending my first Bears game with my brother. It was his first game too, and we enjoyed every single moment of it together."

Socializing Blueboard on LinkedIn.

Keep the celebrations rolling and share your employee's experiences and achievements on your social channels. Check out these examples from other Blueboard clients to draw inspiration.

Screenshot of Versa Intergrity Group post on LinkedIn
Screenshot of Faherty Brand post on LinkedIn

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