Rewards that wow. Recognition that ignites.

Our experiential rewards, incentives, and gifts are proven to drive long term engagement. That’s because experiences are personal, memorable, and shareable—unlike status quo corporate gifts for employees like cash or gift cards. No matter the person, you can give them an experience they personally want right now and will remember forever.

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Family white water river rafting.
Group of friends on a hot air balloon.Couple posing on ATVs.
Elderly woman tandem skydiving.Family at Disneyland.

Explore a big blue world of rewards.

Blueboard experiences aren’t sanitized events that survived the corporate gauntlet. They are powerfully personal, life (and business) changing moments that people remember forever. Whether choosing from in-home experiences for today or bucket list adventures for tomorrow, Blueboard gives you the opportunity to reward employees in the most meaningful way, right now.

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Revamp Your Home Gym

Build your ultimate gym to jumpstart your home fitness routine.

In-home Barista

Receive all you need to get crafty with your coffee and make your favorite drink.

Golf Getaway at Home

Hone your swing with an in-home golf simulator.

Sip Grapefully

Hone your Sommelier skills with artisan wines delivered directly to your doorstep.

Brighten Your World With Watercolors

Let your inner artist shine with a monthly subscription to a guided watercolor painting kit.

DIY Your Home

Learn how to DIY any part of your house with a variety of virtual home improvement courses.

Ready Player Fun

Make gaming a reality with a brand new top-notch VR system kit.

Soar with Drone Photography

Take to the skies and see the world like never before with your very own drone.

Turn Your Home Into a Lab

Expand your little one’s mind with science and learning kits you both can explore together.

Bath House Bliss

Get some much-needed R&R with an Ancient Thermal Bath Pass.

Kick Yourself Into Shape

Build your confidence and physique with a package of kickboxing classes.

Personal Massage

Enjoy an expert massage custom-tailored exactly to your needs.

Salt Cave Session

Cleanse your body and mind with a day inside a Himalayan Pink Salt Cave.

Moroccan Meditation Retreat

Travel to the Anti-Atlas mountains to find your inner peace at this all-inclusive retreat.

The Barre Lover

Workout your entire body while you build balance and grace with Barre lessons.

The Ultimate Indulgence

Take your special someone to a spa day full of pampering and leisure.

The Namaste Experience

Unleash the Yogi within at a retreat surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Zero Gravity Float Therapy

Feel what it’s like to truly be weightless inside a float-therapy tank.

Command a Starship

Lead your crew through a successful voyage where no man has gone before.

Go Behind the Scenes at the Zoo

Meet giant pandas, feed the giraffes, or get up close and personal with your zoo’s unique species.

Big Kid Little Kid Woodworking

Bond with your kids, try something new and create a special wooden keepsake together.

Family Zipline Adventure

Soar over the treetops and challenge your comfort zones on a zipline adventure.

Cruise on a Catamaran

Coast along the glimmering water and admire the beauty of the ocean with loved ones.

Mother + Daughter Spa Day

Make special memories with your daughter and treat yourselves to a personalized spa day.

Family Membership to the Children's Museum

Feel inspired when your kids’ eyes light up with new discoveries.

Family Fun at an Amusement Park

Visit Lagoon and have a blast with a day of drops, loops, spins, and free-falls.

Houseboating Weekend

Spend the weekend with friends & family chilling out on a houseboat at your favorite lake.

The Lost Art of Blacksmithing

Hone your blacksmithing skills with friends and create your own metal work of art.

Cocktail Mastery

Muddle, mix, and shake your way to a delicious cocktail that is uniquely yours.

Homestyle Cooking Class

Expand your recipe repertoire and gain confidence in the kitchen with foodie friends.

Take a Spin at Pottery

Roll up your sleeves let your creativity flow as you create your ceramic masterpiece.

Mastery Series: Photography

Master the art of photography with a series of hands-on courses.

Perfect Your Pour Over

Get a buzz as you taste your way to your perfect cup of coffee.

Get Familiar with Fromage

Discover the fundamentals of Fromage with an expert cheesemonger.

Master a Foreign Language

Challenge yourself and develop your communication skills with a series of language lessons.

Practice Your Golf Swing

Practice your swing with a series of private golf lessons.

Paragliding Adventure

Feel free as a bird as you paraglide overhead.

River Rafting

Spend the day cruising along the river in a guided river rafting experience.

Get Scuba Certified

Plunge into the deep blue water with a PADI scuba certification course

Intro to Bouldering

Enter a meditative space as you push your comfort zone with a guided bouldering lesson.

Sunset Skytour

Soar in the air at sunset with someone special.

Guided Hiking Experience

Trek the trails while taking in the greenery, wildlife, and sights with a professional guide.

Flatwater Series Package

Kayak, paddle, and float across the water and admire the scenery of The Potomac.

Learn to Surf

Get out into the open water and learn to shred the waves with private lessons.

Go Glamping

Unplug and appreciate the benefits of nature with some of the luxuries of home.

Private Filipino Cooking Class

Savor the fundamentals of Filipino food with a private cooking class led by a professional.

The Dim Sum Lover Experience

Indulge your mouth and your mind with a private dim sum class with friends.

Hydroponic Farm Tasting Tour

Delve into the delicious world of hydroponic farming while sampling greens and sipping on bubbly.

All Aboard to Wine Country

Admire lush vineyards, sip on your favorite wine, and enjoy an incredible time on a local wine tour.

Private Chef

Indulge in an expertly prepared meal in the comfort of your home.

Local Foodie Tours

Stroll the streets and taste the famous flavors of your city.

Explore Craft Beer Country

Visit local breweries to taste the unique flavors in your backyard.

Farm-to-Table Cooking Class

Learn how to create delicious meals with locally sourced ingredients.

Fine Dining

Experience the excellence of fine dining at the top restaurant in your city.

Tomato Throwing Experience

Get saucy and hone that throwing arm at the famous tomato-throwing festival La Tomatina in Valencia

Love Aboard a Gondola

Grab a loved one for a picturesque romantic Gondola ride through the bay.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Partake in the famous Mardi Gras with a steamboat cruise.

Splish and Splash with the Family

Get soaked with your loved ones at a waterpark lodge.

It's a Yacht Party

Party like the rich and famous on your own private yacht.

Pro Fan Experience

Cheer for your favorite team live in the arena of your choice.

A Night of Comedy

Enjoy a night of laughs from your favorite standup comedian.

City Helicopter Tour

Soar above the city on a private helicopter tour with a loved one.

VIP Concerts

Get the VIP treatment as you see your favorite artist live in concert.

Zipline Adventure

Speed through the treeline as you enjoy an aerial view.

Become a Parkour Ninja

Learn how to make the world your playground with a series of Parkour lessons.

The Italian Duel

Get behind the wheel of your dream sports car and take it for a spin.

Shred the Mountain

Rip through fresh powder in as you enjoy the ultimate winter escape.

The Escape Room

Form your sharpest problem-solving team and work together to solve an Escape Room.

Practice Parasailing

Glide through ocean and air as you learn to parasail and experience the thrilling sensation of gliding.

Fly an Airplane

Live like Maverick and Goose as you hop in your airplane and fly over the vast landscape.

Extreme Sandbox Adventure

Get behind the wheel of some heavy machinery and live out your childhood fantasies.

The 13,000 ft. Jump

A tandem skydive that will have you feeling the rush and making some major bucket list completions.

The Mickey Mouse Experience

Bring the whole family along to make magical memories with Disney.

Destination: Hawaii

Sit back and relax on a sandy beach and relish in the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

The Southern Hospitality Experience

Sip and savor the world-class whiskeys of the South and explore the hidden games of Kentucky.

Destination: Wyoming

Unplug and uncover the natural beauty of Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and more.

The Grand Canyon Experience

Stand in awe of the incredible beauty that is The Grand Canyon.

See Yosemite National Park

Appreciate the breathtaking waterfalls, trails, and wildlife of Yosemite National Park.

Chase the Northern Lights

Embark on a journey to witness this spectacular display of beauty and wonder.

Discover Broadway in NYC

Enjoy your choice of a Broadway play, musical, or ballet.

Glorious Getaway

Unwind and relax this weekend with your favorite person.

The Ice Caves Experience

Live it up Scandinavian style as you tour ice caves, waterfalls, a lagoon, and the Northern Lights!

Destination: Rotorua

Fly to gorgeous New Zealand to immerse yourself in Maori culture and soak in a geothermal spring.

Thrilling Trip to Thailand

Experience the uniquely vibrant nature, cuisine, and culture of The Land of Smiles.

Horse Trek the Mongolian Countryside

Travel on horseback through the rugged and dramatic wilderness of Mongolia.

Eat Mussels in Brussels

Go on a gastronomic adventure of the best cuisines Belgium has to offer!

Greek Island Getaway

Live out your island fantasies as you kick back on a beautiful white sand beach in Greece.

Sunbathe in the French Riviera

Soak up the beauty of the French-Mediterranean coast on a trip of unbridled relaxation.

Destination: The Gold Coast of Australia

Venture down under as you live like the Aussies while touring rainforests and sandy beaches.

Build Your Own Experience

Work with your Blueboard Concierge one-on-one to create the experience of your dreams.

What does it feel like to go #Blueboarding?

At Blueboard, our mission is to empower employees to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, and try new things and we call this #Blueboarding. Our pride comes from creating amazing recipient memories and recognition stories that only get better with time. See what it feels like to send employee rewards through our employee recognition platform and to live out a complete experience:

Give Blueboard experiences a try.


Speak to employees in their personal language of appreciation.

Instead of sending an impersonal gift card or cash bonus (that only your uncle would gift at Christmas), our hand-curated experience menu empowers employees and new hires to choose the reward that's most meaningful to them, right now. Maybe it’s a trip to the Redwoods for quality time outdoors with the family. Or mastering the art of photography or how to cook authentic Thai cuisine. Or for tomorrow, crossing off their bucket list with a trip to chase the Northern Lights.

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The point is, we let employees decide what they personally need right now. Because the more personalized the reward, the more impactful it is. See the full impact from our latest Post-experience Engagement Survey.

Turn employees into genuine culture advocates and build your employer brand with Blueboard.

Blueboard logo
Mike M.
Chicago Bears Game

The most memorable part of my Blueboard experience was attending my first Bears game with my brother. It was his first game too and we enjoyed every single moment of it together.

Blueboard B White
Sara B.
Summit Surgical
See Zion National Park

We had an amazing time exploring Zion National Park and are grateful for a boss that provided me with a stress-free trip. Thank you to Blueboard for planning it.

Blueboard B White
Paul R.
Micro Focus
Build Your Own Weekend Getaway

Blueboard was able to schedule my whole family for a horseback tropical trail ride through the jungle and beach. It rained on us and we loved every minute of it. We'll never forget the adventure thanks to Blueboard.

Blueboard B White
Tara B.
Bon Secours Mercy Health
Build Your Own Experience

I pushed my limits and comfort levels in so many ways and am a stronger person for it. There are so many other parts of the trip and funny stories that I will never forget. My expectations were completely BLOWN away!

Blueboard B White
Heathyr M.
Food with Friends

My Blueboard experience was great! My husband and I were able to go on a trip to D.C. and have dinner with one of our friends that we had not seen in over a year! We had dinner at La Bise and it was one of the best meals any of us have ever had.


Give people one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our Curation team scours the world to find incredible experiences and impactful gifts for employees—at every budget level and for every personality.

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Our experience menus are constantly refreshed to reflect the culture of the cities we serve. They’re full of off-the-beaten-path employee reward ideas that get locals excited. And all of our Providers are vetted to deliver on our company mission: to inspire recipients to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, or try new things.

Screenshot of Blueboard's experience menu.


Why experiences as gifts?
Because cash rewards are broken.

The clear, absolute value of cash aligns with our need for fairness. This much time and effort should equal this much money in return. But when a reward doesn’t feel proportional to the effort it took to earn—say a $200 gift card for back-to-back 60-hour work weeks—cash shines a spotlight on the disparity. These low value bonuses make employees feel disengaged and even downright resentful. We want your rewards to make people feel truly valued.


of Blueboard reward recipients feel more appreciated.
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Cash is a purely rational reward. It doesn’t hook into our emotions, shape our identity, or create new stories to share—all of the things that make lasting memories. So even in the best case scenario where someone receives a cash reward that feels commensurate to their effort, the impact quickly fades. Why? Because over time, people don’t remember what it feels like getting a one-time bump in their take home. We want your recognition efforts to be remembered for a lifetime.

“We wanted to give employees something that was really unique and special, an experience that they could look back and say, I got to do that because of Vungle."

Courtney S.
Senior Director, Talent Management
Read the Vungle case study

Companies feel confident talking about the recognition half of the R+R equation, but the reward half is confidential. And employees keep their cash rewards private as well—no one wants to be the jerk who brags about their bonus. This lack of shareability is a big reason why many recognition programs don’t have a larger impact on engagement and performance. Bottom line, people don’t talk about cash rewards so their impact ends with the person who receives it. We want the impact of your rewards to ripple out, motivating far more people than recipients alone.


of rewarded employees feel Blueboard positively impacts culture.
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An easy-to-use recognition platform powered by experiential rewards.

From meaningful recognition, to motivating incentives, to thoughtful employee rewards, Blueboard is the best way to invest in your employees and build excitement around recognition.

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