Rewards that wow. Recognition that ignites.

Our experiential rewards, incentives and gifts are proven to drive long term engagement. That’s because experiences are personal, memorable, and shareable—unlike status quo corporate gifts for employees like cash or gift cards. No matter the person, you can give them an experience they personally want right now and will remember forever.

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Explore a big blue world of rewards.

Blueboard experiences aren’t sanitized events that survived the corporate gauntlet. They are powerfully personal, life (and business) changing moments that people remember forever. Whether choosing from In-home experiences for today or bucket list adventures for tomorrow, Blueboard gives you the opportunity to reward employees in the most meaningful way, right now.

Backyard camping

DIY greenhouse

In-home fitness classes

In-home sommelier experience

Learn to draw

Make a difference (Donation)

Mindful leadership coaching

Private chef

Tinker with technology

Go glamping

Golfers getaway

Houseboating weekend

Open road experience

Outdoor adventure

Paddle boarding

Ride horseback

Road trip experience

Wine tasting with local vintners

Brew your own beer

Bring the spa to you

Creating journaling with the family

Explore craft beer country

Farm-to-table cooking class

Glorious getaway

Intro to mixology

Local foodie tours

Michelin star dining

A night of comedy

City bike tour

City helicopter tour

Hit the dance floor at home

Make a cover of your favorite song

Ready player fun

Reimagine your home

Soar with drone photography

Whale watching

A golfer's getaway

Build your own experience

Chase the Northern Lights

Color, chaos and love in India

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Red Rocks spa escape

Take a mission trip

The Grand Canyon experience

The namaste experience

A day of fly fishing

Intro to flying trapeze

Intro to kitesurfing

Kayaking day trip

Learn the way of the bow and arrow

Practice your golf swing

Rooftop yoga sessions

Sandboard through the desert

Trek through the treetops

Learn a new instrument

Learn how to cook

Learn how to sing

Learn improv comedy

Learn to paint

Master a foriegn language

Rock band experience

Run a marathon

The art of photography

A day at Six Flags

Extreme sandbox adventure

Fly an airplane

Get PADI certified

Go bungee jumping

Learn to surf

Race your dream car

Swim with whale sharks

The 13,000 ft. jump

No items found.

What does unforgettable recognition feel like?

At Blueboard, our mission is to empower employees to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, and try new things - and we call this #Blueboarding. Our pride comes from creating amazing recipient memories and recognition stories that only get better with time.

Speak to employees in their personal language of appreciation.

Instead of sending an impersonal gift card or cash bonus (that only your uncle would gift at Christmas), our hand-curated experience menu empowers employees to choose the reward that's most meaningful to them, right now. Maybe it’s a trip to the Redwoods for quality time outdoors with the family. Or mastering the art of photography or how to cook authentic Thai cuisine. Or for tomorrow, crossing off their bucket list with a trip to chase the Northern Lights.

The point is, we let employees decide what they personally need right now. Because the more personalized the reward, the more impactful it is. See the full impact from our latest Post-experience Engagement Survey.

Turn employees into genuine culture advocates and build your employer brand with Blueboard.

Private Chef

"Many thanks for arranging our special dinner. The chef was amazing and the food was incredible, all cooked from scratch which was very impressive."


"I got to relive life on the road for a week with no plans and no worries. We hiked every day and saw Neowise with our bare eyes on the last night."

Fly over the Peninsula

"Conquered the air!"

Glorious Getaway

"I wanted to let you know what an amazing time I had in South Africa and to say thank you so much for curating the best holiday I have ever had in my 54 years on this earth!"

Build Your Own Experience

"We had a wonderful time. My wife and I really enjoyed both cities. Our favorite part of traveling is sampling the food of different cultures, and there was a lot of great food."

Give people one-of-a-kind to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our Curation team scours the world to find incredible experiences and impactful gifts for employees—at every budget level and for every personality.

Our experience menus are constantly refreshed to reflect the culture of the cities we serve. They’re full of off-the-beaten-path employee reward ideas that get locals excited. And all of our Providers are vetted to deliver on our company mission: to inspire recipients to challenge their comfort zones, indulge in their passions, or try new things.

Why experiences?
Because cash rewards are broken.

The clear, absolute value of cash aligns with our need for fairness. This much time and effort should equal this much money in return. But when a reward doesn’t feel proportional to the effort it took to earn—say a $200 gift card for back-to-back 60-hour work weeks—cash shines a spotlight on the disparity. These low value bonuses make employees feel disengaged and even downright resentful. We want your rewards to make people feel truly valued.

of Blueboard reward recipients feel more appreciated.
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Cash is a purely rational reward. It doesn’t hook into our emotions, shape our identity, or create new stories to share—all of the things that make lasting memories. So even in the best case scenario where someone receives a cash reward that feels commensurate to their effort, the impact quickly fades. Why? Because over time, people don’t remember what it feels like getting a one-time bump in their take home. We want your recognition efforts to be remembered for a lifetime.

“We wanted to give employees something that was really unique and special, an experience that they could look back and say, I got to do that because of Vungle."
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Companies feel confident talking about the recognition half of the R+R equation, but the reward half is confidential. And employees keep their cash rewards private as well—no one wants to be the jerk who brags about their bonus. This lack of shareability is a big reason why many recognition programs don’t have a larger impact on engagement and performance. Bottom line, people don’t talk about cash rewards so their impact ends with the person who receives it. We want the impact of your rewards to ripple out, motivating far more people than recipients alone.

of rewarded employees feel Blueboard positively impacts culture.
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From meaningful recognition, to motivating incentives, to thoughtful employee rewards, Blueboard is the best way to invest in your employees and build excitement around recognition.

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