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What is Blueboard?

Blueboard is an employee recognition platform that allows your company to reward their employees to fun and memorable experiences, in lieu of traditional offerings like cash, gift cards or company swag.

Why Blueboard?

We are the first and only company focused purely on experiences as employee rewards. No one works with as many top companies or understands the benefits that experiences have on employees like we do. Read more about the effects of Blueboard experiences on our Blog or browse our full list of pages on the Sitemap.

Why are Experiences better than typical cash bonuses?

Imagine you're an engineer, and you just reached an important milestone for a new product. You receive a $200 AMEX gift card as a reward for your hard work. You spend the gift card on a grocery run and a new pair of shoes. Over time the bonus you earned becomes forgettable and you can't remember how you spent it. Enter Blueboard - milestone hit, Blueboard reward delivered. Our engineer decides to try surfing lessons, something he's always wanted to do, but never carved out the time for. Eventually surfing becomes his new passion and a part of his personal core. This is the power of Blueboard. We push your employees to try new things so they can thrive both inside and outside of the office.

What types of awesome experiences do you offer?

Have you ever wanted to concoct the perfect mojito? Or jump from a plane at 13,000 feet? Maybe learn the subtleties of preparing delicious Thai cuisine? From cooking, skydiving, and mixology to yoga, kiteboarding, painting, and boxing, Blueboard has something for everyone and we're always growing our rewards catalog. Check out more offerings within our gifts for employees section.

How does Blueboard work?

1) Companies partner with Blueboard to distribute Blueboard rewards to their employees through our online platform. Managers can send rewards to their employees with just one click.

2) Employees who receive a reward will be notified by email, and then log into to our website where they can redeem for their choice of top-tier experiences and adventures.

3) Once they select an experience, our Concierge Team works 1:1 with the employee to plan and schedule their event. All your employees have to do is show up and have a great time!

How does my company get started with Blueboard?

Simply complete the Request Demo form via the link above and tell us a little about your goals. We'd love to connect and understand how Blueboard could improve your employees' engagement and overall company culture.

How quickly can we launch Blueboard?

While we've been known to onboard partners within two business weeks, a lot is dependent on your goals, company size, and aligning on a succinct and successful onboarding plan. We're not afraid to hustle and work hard to meet your internal deadlines while prioritizing a flawless program launch.

How often should I grant Blueboard rewards?

The sky's the limit, and totally dependent on what business objectives you are aiming to achieve with Blueboard. Clients use Blueboard as a SPIFF or bonus platform (when a certain goal is met for sales or engineering), as a benefits platform (for employee of the month, tenure awards), for team events and offsites, employee referral bonuses, or even customer appreciation gifts. We're flexible to accommodate your needs, but generally more rewards and experiences are better than less!

I want to do a team event! Will Blueboard help us plan a memorable outing?

Absolutely! We have a great network of partners that specialize in unique team events. From chartering a sailboat to tour San Francisco Bay, group glassblowing courses, private Napa Valley wine tours, or club seats to a pro sports game, Blueboard will help you plan a fun and memorable company outing. Give us a shout via the Request Demo form and let's get the ball rolling.

Where is Blueboard located?

Born and operating in San Francisco, California, but servicing customers nationwide and throughout their international satellite offices.

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