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Why experiences are the best way to reward your top clients and employees

Every holiday season companies brainstorm gifts to send top clients and/or employees as a thanks for their contributions. Too often, those holiday gifting ideas fall flat because they're unmemorable, unthoughtful, or don’t inspire connection. On top of that, companies spend weeks and even months collecting addresses, physically shipping, and hoping that their gifts actually arrive in one piece with no insight into if they have been received. Sound familiar?

The solution? A personalized experience of their choosing from Blueboard! By gifting an experience, you’re giving a lasting memory, whether the recipient chooses to challenge their comfort zone, indulge a passion, or try something new. Tailored experiences are memorable, diverse, have positive association with your business, and are more likely to be shared with others over the holiday season, and beyond. The best part is...we take care of the logistical heavy lifting of distributing and coordinating the experiences for you. Our celebrated Concierge will make your clients and employees feel truly thanked and appreciated this holiday season.

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"The Blueboard award was a lot more meaningful to me than other company gifts I've received. It’s often said that experiences are a lot more memorable than things (aka, money), and Blueboard makes it easy."

Vinay, Pure Storage

"After reviewing the gifts from Blueboard, I chose "The Art of Photography" experience which provided me with a DSL camera and 7 weeks of photography classes. The experience I chose has truly provided me with the opportunity to deepen my passion for photography and become part of an amazing community."

Pryscila, Equity Residential

"I have to tell you that you have found the magic in making a company gift so much more meaningful than just getting a gift card. I'll never forget the time we had at the Savage River Lodge."

David, Tradeshift

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The current state of corporate holiday gifting

If your place of work is client focused - such as a consulting firm or a media/advertising agency - chances are you've been a part of a brainstorming session on holiday gifts. Unfortunately, the ideas run low, the days go on and most companies miss out on the opportunity to make a real impact with their gift giving. This is mainly due to a few key factors: 1) physical time (creative gift ideas require time, sometimes from the whole team), 2) painful logistics (planning months ahead of time, ensuring package tracking and delivery), and 3) fact that status quo holiday gifts (wine, fruit baskets) aren't likely to offend, even though they may be predictably boring. We understand.

The problem is that impersonal gift giving misses the point and often gets regifted to someone else. Additionally, there's no excitement or value associated with the gift, so you're ultimately missing the chance to build on your relationship with your recipient. But did you know there's a way to provide personalized gifts - at scale - that show just how much your recipient means to you and your business?  

Make experiences your next holiday gift - your clients will thank you

When searching for holiday gift ideas, why not offer the gift of an experience? People are ultimately fueled by belonging - connecting, sharing interests, and gathering with like-minded people - and creating experiences is a great vehicle for helping others make connections. The results ring true: according to a recent LinkedIn survey, more than 75% of employees said they'd rather share an experience than exchange gifts.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been helping companies provide experiential gifts to their clients and employees that are memorable, personal, and shareable. For example, Google found that giving their employees trips to Hawaii instead of a chance to win $1 million dollars contributed much more positively to the bottom line business than cash incentives. The truth is that the positive associations one gains from a joyful personal experience evolve into brand loyalty. A Forrester study found that emotion is a strong driver of loyalty and creating meaningful connections, especially with a client, can open the doors to a deeper relationship, and potentially more business opportunities.

We help companies reward clients and employees with  everything from spa massages or facials, sailing lessons, concert tickets, weekend getaways, and more. There are many companies that handle holiday gifting. But if you're looking to break from the not-so-special gift basket, and create powerful connections with those who have helped your business throughout the years - providing experiences is the way to go.

Maximum Games celebrated an amazing year with Blueboard company gifts

After a record-setting year of +480% YoY growth, Maximum Games gifted their entire staff with Blueboard White Gold experiential rewards as part of their end-of-year festivities and celebrations. Employees were able to choose from hundreds of hand-curated experiences in their local area, and work 1:1 with our celebrated Concierge team to coordinate all of their planning details and logistics.

Watch Deborah redeem her Blueboard reward for indoor skydiving, a major item she was excited to check off her bucket list!

Blueboard doesn't stop with holiday gifts

No matter the occasion, we're here to help you celebrate

Anniversary Awards

Rewarding employee tenure on their anniversary dates, typically beginning at the 1-year mark and growing in reward value as they hit ongoing milestones. Forget the branded watches or golden plaques, experiences are proven to grow employee retention (97% of rewarded employees agree*).

*Source: Blueboard Internal Post-Experience Feedback Surveys, updated June 2016

Sales Contests & SPIFFs

Reward top sales reps or teams who exceed their quota expectations. 92% of employees reported increased motivation to perform after going on their Blueboard experiences, how’s that for keeping your sales team energized?*

*Source: Blueboard Internal Post-Experience Feedback Surveys, Updated June 2016

Spot Bonuses

Reward employees who exceed individual or team goals, KPIs, or other role-related milestone achievements. Blueboard experiences are inherently shareable, building excitement and appreciation as more employees across the company get rewarded.

Peer-Nominated Rewards

Enable peers to recognize each other after watching their colleagues go above and beyond or for demonstrating core company values.  Many Blueboard reward experiences include a +1, providing more opportunities for employees to share the love.

Employee Referral Incentives

Employee referrals make for the best hires, they’re faster, less expensive, and are quicker to ramp up into their roles**. Incentivize your FTEs with meaningful rewards to boost your referral numbers and quality of hires.

**Source:, 2015

Customer Appreciation

Similar to those from your employees, nothing beats a warm customer referral to help you grow your business.  Experiential rewards let you appreciate your trusted customers in a genuine, personalized way.

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What is Blueboard?

Blueboard is the experiential employee rewards software platform for the modern workplace. We allow companies to reward their employees and top customers through a range of activities and experiences in a way that it is memorable, persona and shareable. We reward nationwide and in 25+ international countries, with hundreds of hand-curated experiential rewards for recipients to choose from. Our celebrated Concierge team takes care of all the planning logistics and payment details, all they have to do is show up and have a great time. Looking to mix up your holiday gifting strategy? We'd love to connect via the Request Demo link above.

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