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Your opportunity? Focus on employee resilience.

From a looming recession to another Covid spike, from one alarming headline to the next—your employees are navigating a lot right now. Which is why now is a critical time to focus on resilience.

How? Beyond the basics (like equitable compensation), a big part of nurturing resilience is about making people feel seen, appreciated, and recognized in their everyday work-lives.


A Microsoft survey found that 41% of employees are considering resigning from their jobs in 2021, compared to 15% turnover rates pre-pandemic.

4.4 million

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a record 4.4 million people quit in September 2021 (second-highest being April's 3.9 million).

10.1 million

There were 10.1 million unfilled job openings in June 2021, which is the highest number the Labor Department has even seen.


Set your company culture apart with a new kind of employee recognition.

With Blueboard, you can recognize and reward your people with their choice of a curated experience. An experience that makes them go, “wow”.

Trusted by people-first companies of every size.


With Blueboard’s experiential rewards platform, you can:

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Value Awards

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Anniversary Awards

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Spot Recognition

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Easily deliver personalized rewards to employees around the world.

We know HR and People professionals are balancing a zillion priorities. That’s why we built Blueboard to be super easy to use. Anyone can send employee rewards in 3 easy steps:


Send Blueboard rewards in less than 30 seconds.

Using our platform, you can send an experiential reward to any employee’s inbox in less than 30 seconds.


Employees choose their favorite experience.

That employee gets to browse our experience menu and choose the reward that’s perfect for them.


Get ready to go #Blueboarding.

Our dedicated Concierge team handles all the logistics and planning. Your employee just has to show up.

Have a global team? No problem.
We offer experiential rewards all over the world.


Global countries served





Looking for the best way to reward, recognize and incentivize your top people?

Connect with our team for a personalized demo of our recognition and rewards platform and see our hand-curated experience menus.

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