Blueboard makes it easy to reward your best employees with meaningful experiences that drive engagement. Our platform scales to enable any size company—from 100 to 100,000—to send rewards in seconds to employees across the globe.

You can easily manage recognition programs and budgets, and—unlike with cash or gift cards—you get full visibility into the reward lifecycle, from appreciation, to activity, to afterglow.

Send rewards in seconds.

Send experiential rewards to employees across the globe in less than 15 seconds.

Employees choose their favorite experience.

Employees browse hundreds of hand-curated experiences and choose what’s right for them.

Our Concierge handles the heavy lifting.

After choosing their experience, employees are paired with a personal Concierge who handles planning, payment and logistics.

Employees show up and have fun.

Employees adventure out and about, forming positive memories directly associated with your company.

“I love how Blueboard's platform makes it possible to reward people with experiences that are remembered, celebrated, and enjoyed every time. It's easy for other bonuses to be deposited and quickly forgotten or worse - become expected.”
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When employees redeem their reward, they’re connected with a dedicated Concierge team member who personally congratulates them, gets them excited about their reward options, and handles all of the planning and logistics.

They make reservations, book travel, offer in-the-know tips and do whatever it takes to give your employees an incredible experience. All you have to do is choose your rockstars.

Give your rockstars the rockstar treatment.

Our 2019 annual survey shows that we provide the highest level of service.*

How would you rate the timeliness of your Concierge’s response?
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How did you enjoy your Blueboard experience?
*2019 Blueboard Post-experience Engagement Survey Data

Know the impact of your program with real-time data and insights.

The Blueboard platform gives you full visibility of the reward lifecycle—from appreciation, to activity, to afterglow. We make it easy to see who’s sending and receiving rewards and how employees use them to relax, refresh and recharge. It’s everything you need to show that Blueboard rewards are the best way to engage your employees and the smartest use of your budget.

Amplify the impact of your rewards.

People love talking about their weekend plans, or their favorite restaurant, or their next big trip. That’s the power of Blueboard rewards. Unlike cash or gift cards, experiences are fun to share and talk about. Our platform captures employee recognition stories and gives you the tools to produce shareable content that’s ripe for Slack, town halls, or even your next board meeting.

With Blueboard, individual rewards ripple out and impact your entire organization. More people see what your organization values. More people get excited about your recognition efforts. More people are inspired to go above and beyond.

Cash rewards aren’t shareable—no one likes talking about their bonus :(


Experiences are shareable—they inspire stories that ripple out far beyond the recipient :)

A complete platform powered by experiential rewards.

From meaningful recognition, to motivating incentives, to thoughtful employee rewards, Blueboard is the best way to invest in your employees and build excitement around recognition.

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