We make it easy to send meaningful and personalized rewards.

Blueboard is an easy to use platform that empowers enterprises to reward their teams at global scale. From 100 employees to 100,000—you’ll have the power to send experiential rewards in seconds.

You can easily manage recognition programs and budgets, and—unlike with cash or gift cards—you get full visibility into the impact of your recognition efforts.


Beyond the bells and whistles,
it’s about creating real value.

Experiences For All

  • Our employee recognition platform offers an exciting global menu of hand-curated experiences.

  • Employees get to choose their favorite experience, meaning your recognition program is no longer one-size-fits-all.

Trusted Guide

  • We’ll partner together to plan a best-in-class recognition program.

  • We proudly offer 5-star service through our celebrated Concierge team, who creates a personalized itinerary to surprise and delight every rewarded employee.

Meaning Beyond Dollars

  • Rewarding with Blueboard shows your employees that you care about them as real humans, demonstrating authentic gratitude.

  • Employees can’t wait to talk about their #Blueboarding moments with their coworkers, creating a recognition ripple effect.

bring your program to life
Trusted by leading enterprises around the world.

Send employee rewards in three easy steps.


Send Blueboard rewards in less than 30 seconds.


Employees choose an experience.


Get ready to go #Blueboarding.

We’re the world’s leading employee recognition platform for global teams.

The rewards your employees crave, with the features you need to run a successful program. Easily automate reward delivery and get real-time insights into your program’s impact. And feel confident in our partnership with our enterprise-level security features.


Automate reward delivery with Anniversary Engine.

With Anniversary Engine, we’ll send anniversary awards to employees automatically on their anniversary date.

Setup automated reward delivery with just a few clicks. You choose the milestones and reward levels, and we’ll take care of the rest.



Build program buzz with Slack & Microsoft Teams integrations.

Connecting employees through shared experiences is even more critical when managing hybrid or remote teams. With our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, you can build water cooler conversation and excitement as Blueboard rewards are distributed.

Easily customize and promote activity across the channel of your choice. Automatically push notifications when rewards are received (with the option to note company values demonstrated), building increased awareness around your program.



Get real-time insights with our Admin Tools reporting suite.

You’ll get a 360-degree view into your complete rewards lifecycle - from reward delivery, to scheduling, to completion. We can even automate reports for you.

Budget utilization data simplifies payroll accounting and provides a full account of the experiences chosen by your employees.

Administrators can easily monitor how various program budgets are being consumed (at a company level, or individual program level). Easily transfer budgets between programs, and set approval hierarchies to ensure funds are properly utilized.

Our recognition software plays cool with your existing applications.

Just a few of our most-used integrations to connect and protect your teams. We’re partnering closely with our clients to continuously release valuable integrations that help you work smarter, not harder. Have more questions about our platform capabilities? Dive into our enterprise-level security features.

CHAT AND Collaborate


“All the other platforms we looked at were outdated and old school - focused on "points" and monetary rewards to cash in for a blender. We wanted the ability to provide our employees with a memorable experience that they'll never forget, and that they get to share with loved ones. Very easy decision, the competition in this space doesn't compare.”
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Transform your employee recognition efforts with spot awards from Blueboard.

Case Study

Celebrate with exciting anniversary awards

See how Precision BioSciences used Blueboard to build an exciting, shareable anniversary awards engine at scale.

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Spot Recognition Planning Guide

Best practices from Medidata for motivating top talent through spot recognition.

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How Blueboard rewards make an impact [survey research]

See how Blueboard experiences impact employees' feelings of appreciation, motivation and retention in our latest research roundup.

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We’re here to help you recognize every achievement and milestone.

Whether you have an outdated recognition program or none at all, we're here to help you craft a program that builds real excitement and participation. Our trusted teams will help you build a business case, recommend program best practices and budget scenarios, and arm you with the collateral & comms needed for a successful launch and rollout.

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Ready to create a meaningful recognition program? We can help.

A complete employee recognition platform powered by experiential rewards.

From meaningful recognition, to motivating incentives, to thoughtful employee rewards, Blueboard is the best way to invest in your employees and build excitement around recognition.

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Looking for the best way to reward, recognize and incentivize your top people?

Connect with our team for a personalized demo of our recognition and rewards platform and see our hand-curated experience menus.

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