Rewards for every milestone and celebration.

Whether you’re building an anniversary award program, leveling up your employee referral incentives, recharging your spot rewards, or “spiffing up“ your sales incentives, experiential rewards create excitement and better outcomes for all. No matter the recognition moment, we’ll partner together to craft a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Your partner for every recognition moment, big and small.

No matter the program, we’ll partner to make it a success.

We pride ourselves on being a thoughtful, consultative and hands-on partner. No matter the business need, we offer tools and best practices to assist each phase of your program. Together we’ll help craft a program that’s easy for you and delightful for employees. Our partnership offerings include:

Program Planning

We offer program planning guides and budget calculators to help you design a program with a well-thought-out structure, timeline & budget.

Implementation & Support

Leading up to launch, you’ll be paired with a member of our Implementation team, who will handle platform configuration and coach you through a seamless & successful launch.

Client Success

Our Client Success team shares utilization data and feedback trends, introduces you to new product features, and guides you with recognition best practices - whatever it takes to keep your program going strong.

“I was talking to vendors who had more traditional service award programs; where you get a plaque, a pen or something you would pick from a catalog, but it really didn’t fit our culture. When I think about the benefits packages we can offer, I want to be competitive, but I also want to be uniquely competitive. We’re an innovative company, and everything we do needs to be innovative.”
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Watch how Glaukos makes employee anniversaries more memorable:

How Blueboard stacks up to the status quo:


Status Quo

Exciting rewards that truly inspire employees and create positive sentiment for your company
Exciting at first, but loses steam as cash or other transactional rewards become an expectation
Enable clarity into utilization rates and the employee feedback loop
Employee feedback is limited or missing
Employees choose from hundreds of localized offerings within a hand-curated rewards menu
Rewards are impersonal and often irrelevant to the recipient's wants and needs
People love talking about their rewards—their stories naturally ripple out and inspire others
Rewards are uncomfortable to talk about, inhibiting program awareness and adoption
Employees partner with a dedicated Concierge who celebrates them and handles all planning and logistics
Rewards are transacted or deposited digitally, missing the chance to personally celebrate employees

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