In today’s candidate-driven market, a noteworthy employee referral program is a must-have. But without a program worth talking about, you’ll find yourself high and dry. Let’s learn how hundreds of companies are building their hiring momentum using buzz-worthy Blueboard experiences.

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Cash referral incentives are broken.

Cash is a purely rational incentive. It doesn’t hook into our emotions, shape our identity, or create new stories to share. So even in the best case scenario where a well-intentioned employee referrals program launches to great fanfare, most companies see dwindling referral volume just months after launch.

Our solution: experiential incentives that drive real referral volume.

Successful referral programs hinge on motivating employees to evangelize the opportunities available at your company. The very real opportunity of earning a bucket-list experience, like diving at the Great Barrier Reef or chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland, motivates people to take action and share your open roles with their network.

Our results speak for themselves.

Guidewire, a leading insurance software company, was named a “Best Place to Work” for two years running but saw only 18% of new hires coming from referrals. Guidewire partnered with Blueboard to drive employee referral volume by rebuilding excitement around the program.

In just 5 months of working with Blueboard, Guidewire saw:      

  • A 260% increase in the amount of internal referrals received per day
  • A 41% increase in their percentage of new hires by referral by referral contest end

*Guidewire internal hiring data

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“Having a program that we could reinforce every month really kept the program fresh. One of my team members looked into a meeting room where someone was just playing the video of Juliano skydiving (our first Blueboard recipient), totally unprompted. Everyone was watching and talking about it. It was really cool to see all of the buzz being created.”
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