This isn’t your group trip to Cabo. It’s about personalization and choice. 

We’ve created the world’s first personalized President’s Club. In this Club, let your top performers choose and design their own bucket list experience from a wide range of hand-curated adventures, luxury goods and travel. 

Imagine diving with sharks in Bora Bora, touring the Serengeti on a luxury safari, or chasing the Northern Lights. It’s about creating real memories with the ones you love the most. How motivating is that?

We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their best employees.

Why Blueboard President’s Club? It’s about choice.

Your top sales reps crushed it this year, and let’s be honest, it was a tough year. Let’s treat them to the bucket list experience of their dreams.

Here's why we're trusted by leading sales enterprises around the globe.

1. Easy to Plan

Plan and launch your Blueboard President’s Club in as little as 8 weeks. 

We’ll serve as your trusted guide throughout the process, from program and budget planning, to designing an exciting rollout, to serving your recipients with our 5-star Concierge treatment. It’s highly-scalable, global, and flexible (for both you, and your recipients). 

2. Power of Choice

Reps get to choose when, where and how they spend their sales incentive trip. 

We’ve curated hundreds of exciting, bespoke experiences around the globe. All they have to do is choose their favorite, and we’ll pair them up with a dedicated Concierge who will handle their complete itinerary, logistics and payment. 

3. Quality Time

We love our coworkers, but do we really need to see them in a Speedo? 

With Blueboard, your rockstar reps get to spend quality time with the ones they love the most. No schmoozing, no strict schedules. We’ll put them into vacation mode so they can get the rest and relaxation they’ve earned. The best part? They’re creating lasting memories that they’ll forever associate with your company.

4 easy steps for launching your Blueboard President’s Club.

We make it easy to launch a program that will excite and delight your top sales talent.

1. Design your President’s Club experience

We’ll partner together to plan, budget, and design your President’s Club program, lifting the administrative burden off your plate. We’ll create co-branded launch assets to enable an exciting rollout, building buzz throughout your sales org. 

2. Notify your winners

As reps qualify for your sales incentives program, we’re ready to celebrate! We’ll help you customize reward emails (complete with achievements and personal notes) and handle your bulk reward distribution through our rewards platform. 

3. Winners choose their experience

Once reward emails are distributed, President’s Club recipients can immediately browse, choose and start booking their favorite experience from our global, hand-curated menu. If they need more time, all good, our rewards never expire. 

4. VIP Concierge treatment

Give your rockstars the VIP treatment. All recipients work one-on-one with a dedicated Concierge. We’ll handle the logistics, payment, and fine details so they don’t have to lift a finger. Our favorite part? Spoiling your top reps :)

Is Blueboard the right fit for your sales team?

Whether you’re a growing sales org or a global enterprise, our President’s Club will handle the hassles of creating and administering an incredible travel incentive program.

You're a growing sales org, with limited resources.

You’ve got better things to do, like helping your team close deals. Don’t try to plan a group sales incentive trip in-house, let us take on the heavy lifting and administration. Your reps will be thrilled, and you’ll look like a rock star.

You’re a global sales org with COVID-19 concerns. 

As the pandemic takes a turn, country-specific travel restrictions will continue to be a challenge. Our personalized President’s Club is pandemic-proof: reps get to choose from a wide variety of luxury travel or in-home experiences and rewards don’t expire.

“There were so many memorable parts to our trip, hard to nail down them all! I would say the hotel is one I never would have found or stayed at and it was such an incredible historical place, and an art museum too. The room was absolutely insane (a steam sauna in the bathroom?!).”
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