Many well-intentioned managers have taken the time and effort to recognize their employees, only to sour the moment with an impersonal reward. We take the guesswork out of spot awards programs, enabling your managers to send meaningful, personalized rewards in seconds.

We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their best employees.

Most spot reward and recognition programs feel impersonal and underwhelming.

Let’s face it, managers don’t have time to find the perfect spot reward for their employees. As a result, they often give the quickest (and most impersonal) options available - cash or gift cards. When managers send the status quo, they’re signalling that they don’t know what their top people actually care about.

Our Solution: On the spot recognition and rewards that leave a lasting impression.

Blueboard experiences show employees that you understand what’s most important to them - quality time spent outside of the office. Imagine hitting an important milestone and being offered the choice of a private flying lesson, a pasta-making class with friends, or a family trip to Disneyland. All of a sudden, it feels like your company really gets you, and your hard work was well worth it.

A platform for personalized spot recognition at scale.

Blueboard enables managers to send spot rewards in just 15 seconds; employees gain access to our curated menu and choose the experience that’s most meaningful to them. We’re an enterprise-ready platform with multi-tiered budgeting, configurable approvals and robust reporting capabilities.

“Blueboard has transformed how we approach employee recognition as a company. Replacing spot bonuses that we couldn't socialize to now celebrating employees publicly for their achievement - as well as the amazing experience they picked to celebrate! I love it!”
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