How are you feeling? No, how are you really feeling? If you're like 54% of US workers, the answer is that you are feeling overworked. And 39% of us are feeling straight-up exhausted. The productivity gains we've received through remote and hybrid work may be benefiting the bottom line, but the downside is that they're masking a workforce on the verge of burnout.

Best Places to Work know that employees are their most valuable asset. And to ensure your employees retain through the long haul, and show up with the energy, hustle, and creative ideas to make an impact, you need to offer employee rewards and gifts that foster wellbeing. Learn how leading companies use Blueboard to offer wellbeing gifts that inspire adventure, physical activity, and much-needed quality time with loved ones.

We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their best employees.

Recognize your top talent with gifts that inspire wellbeing & connection.

Your employees have worked hard this year, really hard. Your business has survived a global pandemic, we've navigated "working with home", and a waterfall of emotional stressors associated with the change and unrest happening across our world. Why not recognize your employees' achievements with rewards and gifts that support their wellbeing, starting today? Forget the gift cards and branded coffee mugs, those will just end up collecting dust.

Our Solution: Experiential wellbeing gifts that give your employees a much-needed adventure.

Blueboard experiences are designed to rejuvenate, reconnect and inspire. Imagine offering your employees their choice of a kayaking trip for two, a pottery class, a month at their favorite yoga studio, or a VIP museum experience with the family. With Blueboard wellbeing gifts, employees are empowered to celebrate with experiences that challenge their comfort zone, introduce them to a new hobby, or that offer connection and quality time with their loved ones. At the end of the day, we're all craving adventure, and with our global menu of hand-curated experiences, there's truly something for everyone.

What we love most about experiential wellbeing gifts are the memories made, and shared, across your company. Employees connect deeply as they post photos and videos from their Blueboard experience to internal communication channels like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Bonding with our coworkers and learning new things about each other is even more critical for building employee morale as we work across remote or hybrid teams.

Our results speak for themselves.

ImmunoGen, a clinical-stage biotechnology copy, partnered with Blueboard to create a wellbeing gifts program with concepts from The Energy Project, a training company that helps people manage their energy across four quadrants: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The end result of this collaboration was a program called Energy Renewal by Blueboard. Each quarter, ImmunoGen sends every employee an Energy Renewal opportunity (a Blueboard Ivory reward) and encourages them to choose a Blueboard experience that helps them invest in that quarter’s featured energy quadrant (for example, Q1 was dedicated to mental energy).

The impact of experiential wellbeing gifts:

  • 96% reward activation rate over their first 30 days of launch, signaling authentic appreciation and excitement. ImmunoGen employees couldn't wait to choose their Blueboard rewards.
  • After their experience, ImmunoGen employees are rating Blueboard a strong 4.9/5.

*ImmunoGen post-experience employee feedback survey results, updated 2021.

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“The Energy Renewal by Blueboard program is a hit. It inherently leans into work-life balance and has the added bonus of connecting employees through shared experiences. Our folks are already talking about it among themselves, and, as they complete their energy renewals, I’m excited to see the feedback and photos they post about Blueboard’s experiential rewards.”
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