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Most work anniversary gifts are actually demotivating.

Despite good intentions, traditional employee work anniversary gifts—like plaques, blenders, and branded swag—can leave employees feeling underwhelmed, or worse, bitter. But each anniversary is a critical moment in the employee experience that you can’t afford to squander. With Blueboard, you can mark these year of service milestones with personalized experiences that show your employees they’re seen and valued.

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Keep long-term employees motivated with Blueboard Year of Service Awards.

Blueboard makes it easy for you to celebrate employees for their time, energy, and continued dedication to your organization, in a way that means something to them.

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Chief People Officer at Boston Dynamics.
"We want our people to feel as special as they are, and that’s why we’re happy to partner with Blueboard to recognize their achievements. Currently, we’ve implemented an Anniversary Service Award program that allows our team members to choose from a variety of activities that are meaningful to them as a way for us to show our appreciation in their longevity with the organization. And I’m looking forward to my own five year anniversary and can’t wait to choose my own adventure."
Rachel S.
Chief People Officer
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How to build a work anniversary gifts program people stick around for.

Every work anniversary is an opportunity for you to improve the employee experience and boost engagement and long-term motivation. Here's how:

Work anniversary gifts should map to the length of an employee’s tenure. The longer an employee has been at your company, the more significant their year of service award should be, for example:

  • Year 1: A wine tasting experience

  • Year 2: Family day at an amusement park

  • Year 3: Glamping in Joshua Tree

  • Year 5: Learning to scuba dive in Mexico

  • Year 10: Crossing the Northern Lights off your bucket list

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Companies tend to wait too long to give employee anniversary gifts and awards. Currently, the average employee tenure was 4.1 years and this number is much lower for Millennial and Gen Z workers. Consider:

  • Delivering an annual year of service award, starting on Year 1

  • Sending the reward on the actual employee anniversary date

  • Giving special rewards for big work milestones, like 5 or 10 years

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While employee anniversary gift programs typically fall under the purview of HR, you should involve managers so they can personally express gratitude for their team’s contributions in a 1:1 setting. This helps:

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Imagine the possibilities for your work anniversary gifts with Blueboard.

Here’s a sample structure for inspiration as you think about the right work anniversary gift program for your organization, plus a sampling of available Blueboard experiences:

Reward examples:

In-Home Sommelier Experience

Enjoy artisan wines and cheese with insight from a professional sommelier.

Woman deep sea fishing

Gone Fishing

Go open boat fishing and take in beautiful views with friends (license included).

Sea Salt Therapy

Treat your mind and body at a top spa with a 4-session package.

Reward examples:

Pen to Paper

Lean into your creative side with in-person art lessons, from watercolor to drawing.

Life Coaching

Build your personalized well-being toolkit in a 4-week life coaching program.

Get Outdoors with the Family

Enjoy a year’s subscription to a family outdoor learning box. Get outside and explore!

Reward examples:

Escape to Turks and Caicos

Relax on a beachfront resort in beautiful Turks and Caicos with a loved one.

Snowmobile the Canadian Wilderness

Fly to Vancouver, Canada, stay in world-renowned Whistler, and snowmobile!

The National Treasure Experience

Head to D.C. for a full-day VIP tour, boat cruise, and explore the National Archives Building.


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