Anniversaries are critically important moments in every employee’s journey with your company. How you celebrate them (or don’t) signals their importance to your organization. Let’s take a look at why hundreds of companies rely on Blueboard to turn anniversaries into moments worth celebrating.

We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their best employees.

Most traditional anniversary programs miss the mark.

Traditional Anniversary Programs are well-intentioned, but many leave employees feeling underwhelmed, or even worse, bitter. Impersonal reward options like plaques, toasters and golf bags have unfortunately become the hallmarks of companies that are out of touch with their employees.

Our Solution: Personalized anniversary awards that turn “yawn” into “woah!”

Using Blueboard signals to your people that you understand what’s most important to them - quality time spent outside of the office. Imagine hitting your 3-year anniversary, and being offered the choice of a couple’s massage with your partner, learning to play the guitar, or taking a bucket list family vacation to Banff. All the sudden, it feels like your company really gets you.

Streamlined reward distribution with Anniversary Engine.

We’re here to help you build a meaningful anniversary program that scales. Meet Anniversary Engine, our automation tool that makes it easy to send rewards on the day that matters the most. Immediately upon program launch, our platform enables you to deliver countless, personalized experiences to your people across the globe.


Our results speak for themselves.

Vungle, a leading mobile advertising company, faced hyper-growth as they grew from 50 to 200 people over the course of a year. Vungle’s leadership needed an anniversary program that could scale globally while still delivering the personalized touch that early employees loved.

Through our 5-year partnership, Vungle has:

  • 95% of employees feeling acknowledged for their dedication and contributions
  • 92% of employees stating that Blueboard positively impacts their company culture
  • Saves hundreds of hours of administrative work every year

*Vungle post-experience employee feedback survey results, updated 2019

“Blueboard has made our anniversary program amazingly easy, but also really exciting. Employees get so excited, they do research and talk to other employees, talk to me, to see what they should choose. In the tech industry employee retention is really important to us, it’s a competitive industry. We want to do everything we can to make our employees happy, and Blueboard is a big part of that.”


Transform your employee recognition efforts with spot awards from Blueboard.

Case Study

Vungle Anniversary Awards

Vungle delivers personalized experiences at scale through Blueboard’s platform, saving hundreds of hours in admin time every year.

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Case study

Glaukos Culture of Recognition

Glaukos builds excitement from the top-down and fosters company-wide bonds through shareable employee anniversary awards.

Download the case study

How to Make Your Anniversary Launch a Success

Best practices for rolling out your tenure program from our Client Success team.

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