Status quo sales incentives are missing the mark.

Companies spend tons of money to incentivize salespeople, but the results are often underwhelming. Because status quo incentives and SPIFFs—like points, gift cards, and cash—don’t account for what really drives salespeople to perform. With Blueboard, you can incentivize sellers with experiences that are proven to have a greater impact on motivation.

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Motivate your salespeople to exceed their goals with Blueboard.

Blueboard makes it easy to incentivize and reward your sales reps with their choice of personalized experiences, saving you time and giving sellers more of what they want: flexibility, choice, and time back.

Easily Reward Sellers Around the World

Incentive programs have a lot of moving pieces and can be a pain to manage.

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With Blueboard, you can send next-level rewards to your top performers or partners in 3 easy steps—no matter where they are. Using our platform, you can send experiential rewards to your top sellers in less than 30 seconds. Then, they can browse our experience menu and choose the reward that’s perfect for them. From there, our dedicated Concierge team handles all the logistics and planning.

Build Excitement Around Incentives

If there’s a lack of awareness around your sales incentive program, your people will quickly disengage.

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For an incentive program to be successful, it needs to stay top-of-mind for sellers. Unlike points, gift cards, and cash, Blueboard incentives are experiential, which makes them innately share-worthy. Plus, our team of experts will help you build and maintain buzz around your program with custom assets like videos, email templates, web pages, and more.

Boost Morale, Drive Performance

Status quo incentives—like cash rewards—often don’t feel like a reward.

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Salespeople conflate cash with income and are more likely to spend it on an obligation vs. something for themselves. Experiential incentives drive performance because they are true rewards. They’re custom, they’re exciting, they’re limitless, they’re shared. They give sellers something bucket-list level to strive toward. And they show your reps that you value them as individuals.

"Launching our incentive program with Blueboard was easy and frictionless. There were slide decks to address different issues. They made this great video that we ran at kick-off and, by the end, everyone was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish we had this last year.’”
Sharline Anderson
Events Director
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How to build a more effective sales incentive program.

Whether you’re building an incentive program from scratch, or updating an existing one—Blueboard’s got your back. Our experts are standing by to help you:

Structuring your program rules is the first and most important step in developing an incentive program that’ll drive real results. We’ll walk you through key considerations to guide you, like:

  • What outcomes are you trying to achieve?

  • How will you determine your budget?

  • What do you know about past programs?

Build an effective incentive prograM

One of the biggest struggles sales leaders face when it comes to incentives is maintaining awareness, visibility, and buzz around the program. We’ll help you develop a communication strategy that includes things like:

  • Hosting a formal (and exciting) program launch

  • Communicating clearly and consistently across channels

  • Planting seeds for future reward opportunities

Build an effective incentive prograM

Research shows that experiential rewards perform better than cash bonuses when you look at impact on motivation and job satisfaction. We’ll help you deliver experiences that wow sales reps, like

  • VIP tickets to see their favorite band

  • Taking the family to Disney World

  • Racing the latest Ferrari

Build an effective incentive prograM

Imagine the possibilities with Blueboard.

Here are two examples to consider as you evaluate your own sales incentive program mechanics, plus a sampling of available Blueboard experiences that reps could enjoy:

Experiential rewards that motivate behavior change.

Incentivize with Blueboard rewards for monthly or quarterly sales contests, or to drive performance from your channel partners. 

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Reward SDRs who crush the most cold calls, AEs closing deals for your hot, new product feature, or the channel partner who refers you the most business. We’ll help you determine the most relevant reward-worthy behaviors, program cadence, and choose from our variety of reward levels—starting at $150 per reward.

Glow in the Dark Paddle

Moonlit kayaking adventure to see the bioluminescence.

Indulge in a Spa Day

Indulge and relax through luxurious body treatments.

Golf Getaway at Home

An in home golf simulator to up-level your game!

Personalized, bucket list-worthy President’s Club incentives.

With our alternative to traditional President’s Club, your top performers can choose and design their own bucket-list incentive travel experience.

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We’ll partner with you to plan, budget, and design your President’s Club program, lifting the administrative burden off your plate. Winners can quickly browse, choose, and start booking their favorite experience from our global, hand-curated menu. If they need more time, all good, our rewards never expire.

Soar Over Yosemite

Reach new heights with a private helicopter flight over Yosemite and 5-nights at the park.

Family Cowabunga Surf Camp

Treat your family to a new adventure with a 5-night visit to sunny San Diego and a week of private surf lessons.

Kitesurfing Camp in Tarifa, Spain

Challenge your comfort zones on a 7-day kitesurfing camp and explore magical Spain.


Sales Incentive resources

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