Modern sales organizations recognize it is vital to motivate and engage their sales department. That's why many organizations rely on Blueboard for experiential incentives that drive real performance. Personalized experiential incentives are a powerful lever for motivating your salespeople to go above and beyond.

We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their reps with experiential SPIFFS.

Traditional sales incentives programs miss the mark.

Let’s face it; sales leaders don’t have time to find the perfect incentives for their employees — they’re  too busy chasing quota. As a result, they often give the quickest (and most generic) options available: cash, electronics or gift cards (yawn). When managers promote such generic incentives, they’re missing the opportunity to inspire real motivation and rep behavior change.

Our Solution: Experiential incentives that drive real behavior change.

Successful sales leaders understand that reps are motivated by new, different, and exciting SPIFF incentives. The very real opportunity of earning a bucket-list experience, like a surf camp in Portugal or chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland, inspires people to take action and do what it takes to hit their numbers.

A platform for exciting, unique sales incentives delivered at scale.

Blueboard enables sales leaders to send rewards in just 15 seconds. Reps can choose the experience that’s most meaningful to them using our curated experiences menu. Our Concierge handles all of the planning, payment and logistics. All your top people have to do is show up and have a great time.

Our results speak for themselves.

Cell Marque, a global life science business of Merck KGaA was facing an ambitious +18% YoY sales goal for their end of year close. As Q3 rolled around, so did a decline in revenue. Their Sales and Tactical Marketing Manager knew she’d need to do something unique and different to motivate her team. Cell Marque partnered with Blueboard and Ambition to host a fantasy football-themed sales contest, where reps “faced off” against each other weekly, moving through the bracket as they achieved key sales metrics. By contest end, top reps earned exciting Blueboard rewards and of course, tons of juicy pride.

By motivating reps with Blueboard incentives, Cell Marque saw:

  • A surge in sales activity, with reps averaging 110 emails and 50 calls per day during the contest period
  • Achievement of their +18% revenue goal!
  • Tons of excitement, positive feedback and social sharing amongst Blueboard winners

*Cell Marque internal sales data

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“Our team is really young, but our methods and reward systems were old-fashioned. Doing the same old thing wasn’t going to make an impact.”


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