Well-being programs are powerful. When executed correctly, you can lower your healthcare costs, improve your team’s overall health and show your people that you care about them. Learn how leading companies use Blueboard to drive program participation and awareness.

We help leading organizations transform how they recognize and incentivize their best employees.

Most well-being programs are underutilized.

Many leading companies make well-intentioned investments in wellness programs, from onsite gyms & meditation apps to steps challenges. However, these programs often launch to great fanfare, only to see dwindling engagement over time.

Our Solution: Experiential wellness incentives that get your employees moving.

Blueboard experiences are designed to rejuvenate, reconnect and inspire. Imagine winning a wellness challenge and being offered the choice of a kayaking trip for two, a pottery class, a month at your favorite yoga studio, or a VIP museum experience with your family. You’re empowered to celebrate your wellness wins with rewards that continue to challenge your comfort zone, introduce you to a new hobby, or give you back the quality time you’ve missed with loved ones.

“I would certainly enter this wellness contest again. My concierge made the experience better than expected. I was confident in their selection of a quality spa, and Blueboard even picked up the tip!”
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