What is Blueboard?

Blueboard is an employee recognition, rewards and incentives platform that allows companies to reward their employees with memorable and personalized experiences, in lieu of traditional offerings like cash, gift cards or company swag.

We've curated a wide menu of exciting and unique experiences, including local experiences like learning the art of glassblowing, to bucket list-worthy adventures like chasing the Northern Lights.

What does “redeem” mean?

Once you see an experience that you like from our menu, you will need to click “Start Booking” in order to start the redemption process. Our concierge will then reach out to coordinate all the details; ie who you want to go with, what date and time, clarify any questions you may have and more. Once you receive a confirmation email after filling out your scheduling preferences, your reward is now redeemed.

I don’t want to “redeem” without knowing all the details first. What should I do?

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to commit to one experience if it involves your loved ones’ input, or if you’re just unsure of what to pick. You can always reach out to us via Live Chat in the bottom right-corner to chat 1-1, or send us an email at Concierge@blueboard.com.

What happens once I redeem my Blueboard reward?

Once you redeem your reward, our celebrated Blueboard Concierge team is notified and will personally reach out to you within 24 hours to begin scheduling your reward experience (during US business hours, Monday-Friday).

We'll ask you a few questions to clarify your schedule and availability, and to better understand your preferences specific to your reward experience (i.e. your favorite cuisine for Cook Like a Chef, your massage style or preferred treatments for Serene Spa Day).

Once we hear back from you, we'll recommend 1-3 choices for the experience provider or destination in your area that are either already in our curated provider network or who come highly recommended and rated. You'll get to pick your favorite and from there, we'll handle all of your final booking logistics and complete all payments on your behalf.

All you have to do is show up and have a great time!

What's the value of my Blueboard reward?

When choosing Blueboard experiences, please note that they do not have a set retail value. Instead, we focus on creating an exceptional experience for every rewarded employee - and unfortunately, it's against our internal policies to reveal the retail value associated with the rewards.

Additionally, one of our main goals is to remove the association of one’s accomplishment with a dollar value. Let’s face it, no one likes to feel that they are worth “a $250 Amazon gift card” at the end of the day. At the same time, we do offer a variety of reward levels that can range from a cooking class for one to a luxury getaway for the whole family. Your reward has no cash value, but rather it is a credit to redeem and go on one of the experiences in our menu.

Can I redeem for cash value?

Unfortunately you can’t because the reward has no cash value. Our mission is to challenge people’s comfort zone and to get stellar award winners like you out and about. We know that most gift cards are used to buy groceries, fill up the gas tank, or worse, pay your bills. The value of your accomplishment is quickly diminished and forgotten, which is why we want to use this chance to create memorable experiences that will last with you forever. Take a second look at our experience menu and if nothing interests you, feel free to reach out to our Concierge and see how we can make it better.

Does my reward expire?

This all depends on your company’s program. If your reward expires, you should have been communicated this by your program manager and/or our concierge. Please check with your program manager or ask our concierge if you’re not sure.

I don’t see any experiences that I like or want to do, what now?

That’s a bummer! We find that people often have questions about some of the experiences that we offer and they feel much better about making their decision once they have talked to us. We are always here to help so please reach out to us via Intercom (chat bubble) or email at Concierge@blueboard.com.

What happens if I already know what I would like to do? Is it possible to use my reward on that?

We know that everyone’s interests and aspirations can be vastly different, so if there’s an experience that you have been dying to do then please reach out to us via Intercom (chat bubble) or email at Concierge@blueboard.com.

How do I view the experiences in my location? / Do you have anything available in _____ city?

We are working hard each day to expand our network of experience vendors. Our experience menu has the ability to filter by location, and we're always happy to work with you on finding the perfect experience based on your location preference.

Can I change my experience later once I made a selection and redeemed?

Cancellation and changes vary by experience, as well as your booking progress and status. Our Concierge will communicate itineraries with you before finalizing and booking the experience so you know exactly what to expect.

If I redeem and enter my scheduling preferences (and enter more than one date), will someone reach out before booking and confirming?

Absolutely! The scheduling preferences that you give us (thank you!) will give our Concierge a head start in planning out your experience. At the same time, we know that some experiences take longer planning and require more changes than others. Just know that we will not book anything before confirming the final details with you. Phew.

If I book something myself, can I be reimbursed?

You mean you don’t want to experience the best concierge service on earth?! :) All experiences are booked through Blueboard Concierge, so unfortunately we don’t offer any reimbursement.

What if I choose a custom experience and it costs more than the allotted budget of my reward?

Terrific question! We will send you a credit authorization form and collect information on the credit card that you would like to use to pay for any overages. Please reach out to our Concierge via Live Chat below or email at Concierge@blueboard.com for more information.

Can someone book flights for me if that’s how I choose to use my reward?

Definitely! Just let our Concierge know your itinerary and we will be happy to book it for you as long as it’s within the allotted budget of your reward.

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